GECOM mulls increasing work stations to meet 25-day timeline


The recount venue – the Arthur Chung Conference Centre. [Photo taken from Facebook Page of Sase Gunraj]
The Guyana Elections Commission today considered several options aimed at accelerating the recount process so that it can be completed within the 25-day timeline initially set for the activity.

Among the options discussed include increasing the number of work stations.

“What they’ve decided to do is really explore the possibility of establishing additional work stations,” Public Relations Officer Yolanda Ward told media operatives this afternoon.

Following the meeting today, she said Commissioners had a “quick look around” to determine where the additional stations could be established.

Ward informed that the Commission has taken a decision to contact the COVID-19 Task Force to have public health officials visit the recount venue tomorrow to have a look at the available spaces.

Once the Commission receives feedback, it will meet again to make final decisions in relation to this matter.

There are currently 10 work stations established to count 2,339 ballot boxes.

“All things being equal, now we’re somewhere between 45-55 [boxes counted] on any given day. With the establishment of a few more stations, it means that we can see ourselves heading into 70 and 80 per day, depending on how many stations will be established,” Ward reasoned.