GECOM “licking its wounds” after Chief Justice ruling – PPP


gecom[] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) says it feels vindicated by a recent ruling of Chief Justice Ian Chang on whether the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is allowed to issue Certificates of Employment to political agents on elections day.

The Commission, prompted by APNU+AFC request, had approached the High Court for an interpretation of the law as it relates to the issuance of the certificates.

It was interpreted by the Court that GECOM is not lawfully allowed to issue the certificates to polling agents of the various political Parties.

“Having been rebuffed by the Court, the Commission licking its wounds returned to its High Street habitat to commiserate on the Court’s directive, it appears that another vote was taken but this time there was no majority decision unlike the previous occasion when there was consensus on the matter,” a PPP statement noted.

According to the PPP, this is a good lesson learnt by GECOM. “The mistake was made by GECOM in taking to the Court a request for an interpretation and a ruling on whether an elector can vote outside his or her Electoral District.

“The PPP had raised this matter some time ago with GECOM enquiring whether there would be a reaffirmation by GECOM of the practice not to allow Party Polling Agents to vote outside their respective Electoral Districts to which they have been assigned by their respective political parties. The answer the Party received from the Chief Elections Officer was in the affirmative; yes GECOM would uphold the legal position meaning Party Polling Agents will not be allowed to vote at Polling Stations outside of their respective Electoral Districts,” said the statement.

The PPP is of the firm view that Party Polling Agents must be placed at Polling Stations in their respective Electoral Districts which allows them to cast their votes at that particular Polling Station where they will be working on Election Day.



  1. The PNC supporters have taken up almost all the jobs in the civil service. None was fired or moved out. The corrupt and tiefs were left there to carry out PNC ‘mek de country ungovernable mantra.
    Hackeye, are you one of them?

  2. PNC and their machinations will never change.
    By hook or by crook, there is only one desired result.
    These people always are the common denominator.
    President Reagan asked the American people,
    I forbid the ‘hook or crook’ activist to for once be honest.
    Do not be part of any wicked schemes people, we are still paying for those wicked ones who President Carter were lenient more than enough and who did not go to jail for wrong things they have done.

  3. You’re a very sick shim, (means maybe a man or a woman, or a combination of both) you sound like the latter. You had to be created in a lab. Hence there’s no need for a response.

  4. You should be making travel plans, the ppp will be in jail for all the corruption and murders and stealing the tax payers monies. Surely if you had your ear to the ground you would’ve had some knowledge of what should be in the making. Run buddy, or if you have knowledge of the scampishness, give evidence against them. Look at it from the ABC countries position, they don’t want the ppp to continue their scampishness. The ppp dishonesty is known world wide.

  5. You have a very good memory, from 1973? Well what about recently like just 23 years ago? Afro Guyanese being murdered, monies being taken from the lotto fund, GGMC, and forestry with no accountability. A hotel built with tax payers monies, just to spite Badal, and with no Guyanese being employed, well we can’t trust you and the cabal with we monies. Corruption, narco trafficking, trafficking in persons, misuse of tax payers monies on dubious projects, speciality hospital, skeldon sugar factory, Amaila falls, ( Jagdeo friend never build a ordinary bridge in he life) drainage pumps, drugs supply to Jagdeo friend?? where he gets all his monies up front, and no accountability. This country should’ve had laws like China, when found guilty of fraud and corruption ” execution” If this law was in place I would’nt have to be responding to the likes of you.

  6. As Concerned Guyanese we must really watch Gecom carefully because it is so evident that Gecom is now likened unto PNC. We have to caution our polling agent to be extra vigilant. PNC must never be trusted.
    Guyanese must not forget how they have been rigging elections after elections. Google. “Mr. Burnham does it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 election”
    It’s time for change from PNC budget cutting to continuous Growth and Development

  7. GECOM – A – B – C – EU Ambassadors want minority PNC to rule over the majority guynese again – they are being exposed at every tunr — but hey — who is there to oppose then depose them…US especially want PNC to rule guyanese again–this time its oil—the oil is there so its only a matter of time…Y does US want PNC to rule?? US will have to pay to PPP by the pint whereas US will pay PNC by the barrel– remember omai and pnc and canada?????????????


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