GECOM disobeying Court, Constitution – Ram

Christopher Ram

Dear Editor,

The Guyana Elections Commission continues to run daily and nightly advertisements calling on members to register in its current House to House Registration exercise, “EVEN IF THEY WERE PREVIOUSLY REGISTERED.” The Ad goes further: it threatens members of the public with criminal sanctions if they fail to register.

This scaremongering is patently and legally false and dangerous. GECOM has no power to remove names of eligible voters by any device or subterfuge. The Constitutional Court has ruled that no person who was previously registered can be removed except on the narrow grounds set out in the Constitution.

GECOM, consistent with the dictates of Granger and his APNU+AFC Government, is determined to disobey the Court and the Constitution. The purpose is clear: to disregard the very List on which they came into Government in 2015 and create a new List meant to give them an electoral advantage as a mechanism to lead us back to the era of rigged elections.

Christopher Ram