GECOM continues to rig elections for APNU/AFC


…“I have never seen such a barefaced attempt to rig an election” – local observer 

Local Observers representing the Private Sector Commission (PSC) have expressed concerns over an attempt to rig the 2020 General and Regional Elections during the tabulation of the votes for Region Four (Demerara Mahaica).

“In all my considerable life, in and out of politics, in this country, I have never seen such a barefaced, ugly and deliberate attempt to rig an election,” Kit Nascimento said during an emergency press conference.

The press conference follows the walkout of major stakeholders including members of the diplomatic community after confusion continued during the tabulation of votes at the Office of the Returning Officer Clairmont Mingo.

Nascimento told reporters that the figures being used by the RO do not match that being used by other political parties and that there were massive variations.

He said APNU/AFC received about 17 to 100 more votes while the PPP/C had major deductions on every single SOPs they got to compare.

According to Nascimento, the entire process was descending into “chaos” and a “farce”.
He explained that when there were variations, the RO refused to sort it out.

PSC Chairman Gerry Gouveia said the RO is “rushing” through the process to produce “fabricated” results.

He said it is a sad time for the country.