GECOM CEO never advised President voters’ list bloated by 200,000

Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield

Chief Elections Officer (CEO) Keith Lowenfield has admitted that he never advised President David Granger that the voters’ list was bloated with 200,000 names, raising questions about where President David Granger and the coalition got such ‘facts’ from.

President David Granger addressing the gathering

The government side has repeatedly said that the existence of 200,000 extra names necessitated house to house registration, an exercise that could further delay elections. But on Tuesday, on the sidelines of the High Court, Lowenfield denied that he advised the President in this direction.

Chief Election Officer Keith Lowenfield

“I have not engaged his excellency on the numbers game. And I cannot pronounce on that… its speculative. I would want to do an exercise to determine that amount,” Lowenfield said, when asked about the President’s comments.

The government from the inception held out that House to House Registration will be the only mean to sanitize the list.