GDF READY! Troops deployed at border locations; Venezuela launches gunboats in Cuyuni River

L-R: Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman; Ministers of State, Joseph Harmon and Brigadier Mark Phillips. [Jules Gibson Photo]

By Fareeza Haniff

Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Mark Phillips. [Jules Gibson Photos]
Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Mark Phillips. [Jules Gibson Photos]
[] – Chief of Staff of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), Brigadier Mark Phillips is assuring Guyanese citizens that the Force is ready and prepared to “defy aggression” on the border it shares with Venezuela.

Addressing the media on Wednesday, September 23 at the Ministry of the Presidency, the Chief of Staff revealed that GDF troops have been deployed at various locations including Eteringbang, Kaikan.

He said there are several observation posts along the Cuyuni River “and we continue to monitor the activities by the Venezuelan armed forces on our frontiers.”

What is of concern to the government and the GDF is the “unusual deployment of military boats with machine guns in the Cuyuni River.”

According to the Chief of Staff, “The Cuyuni River is inclusive of Guyana’s border. To deploy armed boats in the Cuyuni River is an affront to our sovereignty and this was reported to our Commander in Chief…. The international agencies of concern were alerted.”

He told the media that the GDF was alerted to the buildup of Venezuelan troops over one week ago but only noticed the unusual deployment at the weekend of over 200 troops between San Marten – a small town on the border – and Ankoko Island.

“There were…photographs of Surface to Air Missiles that were seen at locations within the Venezuelan border…we were able to locate the Missiles at a town named El Dorado which is about 57 KM inside of Venezuela,” the Brigadier noted.

He assured that the GDF deployment remains in position and continues to monitor the activities, especially in the Cuyuni River.

“Our deployment is geared to defy aggression and acts of incursion on our border and we remain ready to deploy additional troops and equipment if need be to those locations,” the Chief of Staff assured.

According to Brigadier Phillips, troops at Camp Stevenson and Camp Ayanganna and those at other coastal and inland training locations were briefed and alerted about the situation, placing them in a state of readiness.

L-R: Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman; Ministers of State, Joseph Harmon and Brigadier Mark Phillips. [Jules Gibson Photo]
L-R: Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman; Minister of State, Joseph Harmon and Brigadier Mark Phillips. [Jules Gibson Photo]
Meanwhile, Minister of Governance, Raphael Trotman emphasized that the measures being taken by Guyana is merely a “show of force” and Guyanese have no reason to be alarmed.

“There is no cause for people to think we’re about to be invaded or anything like that. There are obviously maneuvers…more of a political end than a military end…” Trotman said.

Additionally, Minister of State and Defence, Joseph Harmon said that Guyana has activated all mechanisms at the United Nations, CARICOM, UNASUR and OAS to address the recent development with Venezuela.

Following the recent discovery of oil in Guyana’s waters, the Venezuelan government, led by Nicolas Maduro laid claim again to Guyana’s territory, which has essentially led to tension between the two sides.

Guyana is now seeking a judicial settlement to the controversy.




  1. The Brigadier is saying the deployment is to defy aggression and incursion and the GDF is ready to deploy additional troops and equipment. He is saying that our troops are in a state of readiness.
    Mr. Trotman is telling the nation not to think we are about to be invaded or “anything like that”. Its just a “show of force”, its political.

    Is this a joke? These two men need to have a discussion. People are not stupid, show some respect to the populace in terms of what you are saying.

    Guyana is a developing third world country, almost the poorest in the Caribbean. We never could have been or will soon be any military power to be reckoned with, not in the near future. Blaming past governments is foolish.

    Mr. Trotman’s show of force will only display our weakness. This is not politics, 2/3 of our nation is being threatened. At least our leaders must get realistic.

    A poor nation must resort to dialogue. Mr. Grainger’s real test of presidency is at hand, lets see if he has the right mix of wisdom and courage.

  2. To all you negative people how many years did the Palestine and onto this day
    is standing up against the mighty Israel. This is not about politics or the GDF is about Guyana the place where I hope you were born stoop pussy footing and support the troops who will sacrifice there life for the country of their birth
    To my fellow soldiers you are well trained you are as good as any other soldier
    tomorrow is promise to no one war or no war unite and go to battle help will come onto those who help themselves may God bless us, Long live our heroes, long live Guyana,

  3. claudeston massiah your blogs are redondant. It’s time that you change your way of thinking. PPP/C aren’t the Government of the day, It is your APNU+AFC=PNC therefore regardless if they are in Government for four months or four years the expectation is for this defacto Government to perform and or fix where possible in a timely manner.

  4. What nonsense you talking. Guyana was never a military force and will never be no matter who is in power. Would you happy if the previous government bought fighter jets and helicopters. I hope this administration do not spend too much money behind the force. We do not need military power. If Venezuela steps into our terriority there is no way our soldiers can defend themselves or our country. I am sure they will try but lets not talk fat that we ready. We are a peaceful country and we need peace talks.

  5. hello, the ppp/c did not blast Venezuela president over and over again embarrass there embassy members who was in Guyana the ppp/c did not start this war, nevertheless you seem to think the ppp/c governs Venezuela and implying that they are instructing maduro what to do or how to governs his country and it people, Guyana is not the only country that maduro is ready to protect his claim check you information before you make allegation Colombia is also facing similar situation . maduro is a president that takes order from no one he has his minister and he makes his own decision so implying that the ppp/c has a part to do with Guyana going to war with Venezuela is insane. America tell granger what to do and how high to jump and if this current government think that the ABC country will support them in war keep dreaming.

  6. EM congrats to you and your very true blog,,,its always nice to read and know Guyanese are very smart ppl,GOD BLESS GUYANA and ALL its people,,,,

  7. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees. We are not alone.
    This government needs to closely monitor Jagdeo and the PPP to ascertain if there is an internal-external collusion to undermine the coalition or to leverage control of power.
    Notice that Venezuela never had a problem with Jagdeo, Ramotar or the PPP, but right after the coalition won, Maduro started attacking Granger. Perhaps he cannot control Granger the way he controlled Jagdeo and Ramotar?
    Anyway, the silence of the PPP on this escalation of provocation is deafening.
    Also, whatever happened to the Chinese company that was part of the oil exploration exercise with ExxonMobil? Was it the PPPs intention to use ExxonMobil then dump them in favor of an all-Chinese oil production company?
    Don’t trust the Jagdeo PPP and the Maduro Venoes. Corrupt and inept dictators!

  8. Shame all those surrender monkeys running down guyanas abilities will be the last ones to stand up and defend… Let’s hope if the threat becomes reality then they are conscripted to fight, stick a gun or anything in their hands and let them do something constructive…… They only seem interested in taking everything out of Guyana and not putting anything in…..don’t see any of them in the army, just stretching out their hands collecting money …

  9. Mother Sally this is the first time I have reviewed your blog in its entirety and have to admit that I am in agreement with you on most points.

    Carl Greenidge cannot represent our country on the international scene. We need a competent foreign minister who can negotiate. This administration cannot protect our country and borders with just man power. Our military cannot compete with the Venezulian. We are out numbered in every capacity. At this time I would suggest Granger and Carl reach out to Mr. Fatso Hunt for US military assistance since it was Hunt who pushed for this Colation to be in Government due to secret oil deals.

  10. Who is responsible for 23 YEARS of underfunding the GDF. The small minded thieves took the position that the army is full of black people so later for them. Forgetting that they are mandated to protect all of Guyana including their illegal assets. The government cannot accomplush this in four months with all the money in personal bank accounts overseas and mansions in Guyana.

  11. People of Guyana need not to be afraid of what weapons Venezuela has.If they want to show might and be boastful about it then they shall be brought low.Furthermore who are not with the government of Guyana is against it.Just to mention about the previous comments above.Guyanese are not cowards.

  12. the so called guns and ammo. that were collected and or seized, thats what be in use fie defense…

    excellent comment by mother Sally

  13. Is why Harmon look like he so afraid; Trotman look like he peeing he pants and Mark look like wtf we got to fight these people. Trotman and Harmon maybe yall should try see if yall could get the 27 million, the millions taken by them ex convict government officials and buy some useful weapons for Mark and he boys.

  14. This is such a big laff. e Granger and Nagamotoo, deal with it. You gave the oil to USA instead of sharing with yr neighbor, run to fatman hunt and let him help yal. This is definitely change for Guyana, a war in the your government, congratzzzz, you are doing so much for the Guyanese people!!!!

  15. This is definitely a lot of senseless and once gain reckless grandstanding or bluffing by the powers that be in control of the Guyanese military. Everyone, everywhere knows that Venezuela has been on a massive arms buying spree to the tune of over US$20 billion and are now equipped with a lethal arsenal of Russian MIG fighter jets, Chinese radar, Russian SAMs (Surface to Air Missiles) such as the Procera II staring down the GDF as you read this.

    In addition, the capacity, the military preparedness or capabilities of the GDF in repelling any kind of ground, naval or aerial assault is going to have very little success because we are not only out manned but literally out gunned in every regard by the forces of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In fact, the GDF has no trucks of its own to transport anyone anywhere and from time to time have been forced to charter local trucks or lorries.

    To add insult to injury belies the fact that the weapons in its arsenal are antiquated as they are from the 1970s and 1980s from suppliers in the former Eastern Bloc of the ‘good old days of Comrades Brezhnev & Forbes Burnham’ so finding replacement parts or ammunition is basically an impossible task.
    Furthermore, the air corp of the GDF has only two aging Bell helicopters from the 1970s, two used choppers ( acquired a few years back and ideal for sightseeing), a Chinese made aircraft (that looks like a cheap knock off a Cessna held together with tape & glue) and a Skyvan or two. The Coast Guard has a few riverain patrol boats supplied by the Yankees and a frigate of some sort (The Essequibo) so just how are our brave men and women going to defend the nation’s territorial integrity given the paucity of resources required to get the job done?

    Our nation’s critical defense capabilities were laid bare and deliberately so by the previous PPP regimes of Messrs. Jagans, Sam Blinds, Bharat Jagdeo and Donald Ramotar because they saw no need to defend anything they could not steal or sell off. The cash that was ploughed into their many pet projects such as ‘the road to nowhere (Amaila Falls)’, the Berbice Floating Bridge (a relic of World War II field deployment) and the so called ‘One Laptop per Family’ (now comically rebranded as ‘One Laptop per Teacher’ by Granger & cohorts) should have been given to beef up our military.

    In short, Messrs. Granger, Harmon and Commandante Mark Phillips are asking our precious sons and daughters to ‘fetch water with a wicker basket’. Just where is Vice President & Foreign Minister Carl Greenidge these days given his uncanny penchant for telling Venezuelan strongman – President Maduro that ‘go to CARICOM’ and ‘the Venezuelans are pursuing a zombie/jumbie claim’. He should be at the border posts lending moral support and helping to stir the pots to feed our brave men & women in the valiant GDF.

  16. OMG what would we send a bunch of under trained hot headed young men , out dated equipment, they are doing a military exercise in other words they are showing the might of their military and you sending men , oh i forgot you have nothing to flex in return. AK 47 cant impress mr president . its like you showing up to a gun fight with a rose.


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