GDF ranks to undergo training in Brazil, China; $9 billion budget approved


[File Photo]
[File Photo]
[] – The National Assembly last evening approved the budgetary allocations for the Guyana Defence Force that was set at $9.1 billion.

According to GINA, Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, having been asked to explain the $157 million allocated for training, indicated that the amount extends to training officers in Brazil and China. Further, training is still being conducted under the Trade Winds Programme.

Asked about $157 million proposed for buildings and whether this was for the construction of a floating base, the minister said, it was not. The allocation of $9.1 billion will see the following capital expenditure works being done; completion of Cadet Officers’ Dormitory at Base Camp Stephenson and the Engineers’ Office at Timehri; the construction of an ablution block at Tacama Training School and fence at Mabaruma; upgrading of facilities at Base Camp Stephenson and Ayanganna, and; electrical upgrades and perimeter lights at Base Camp Stephenson and Ayanganna.

$62 million will go for Marine Development of the GDF which includes the completion of the training school in Kingston, Georgetown. $154.4 million will be spent to procure vehicles, boats, motorcycles and All-Terrain Vehicles and $5 million for the rehabilitation of animal pens to aid the development of the Force’s Agriculture Corps.


  1. To bloody hell with the crazy Chinese and their unique brand of banditry that knows no boundary. When will President Granger and Minister Harmon wake up from their deep slumber and state of denial about the real intentions of this ‘Red Threat’?

    China has one goal on its mind and that is total world domination by any means necessary including the wanton rape of the resources of the developing countries of Latin America & the Caribbean and let us not forget their hidden intentions of setting up a military base in The Americas Region. China has an old grudge with the West including their historic desire to avenge the wrongs of “The Boxer Rebellion (1900), ‘The Rape of Nanking (1937-1938)’ and the colonisation by Portugal of Macao (1887-1999) and Hong Kong by Great Britain (1898-1997).

    In this regard, one must be extremely wary of Chinese imperialistic ambitions geared towards the establishment of military bases in The Americas as forward point for launching missile attacks against the US and its western hemispheric allies.

    Guyana has to choose whether or not it wishes to remain within the US sphere of influence or should we all start learning “Mandarin” to save our butts and stay in line with our new found neo-colonial masters since we are destined to become ‘vassals’ of the PRC at the rate at which we are going.

    It seems that being toothless poodles of mainland China has definitely transcended party, policies or patriotism.

  2. Why spend money to train GDF in China?
    Rather spend money to modernize the force and use the ranks to train our force.
    Don’t drain all the money out and take Guyana to Stone Age.


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