GDF Medical Corps benefits from US Training



GDF Training 2[] – The U.S. Embassy’s Military Liaison Office, together with representatives from the Florida National Guard, sponsored a training course in Guyana on Tactical Life Saver (TLS) skills. 

According to the US Embassy, this is the second time the lifesaving course has been offered in Guyana.  The hands-on training, which took place at Camp Ayanganna from March 25-27, 2014, targeted medical first responders in the Guyana Defense Force (GDF). 

Twenty-five members of the GDF Medical Corps benefitted from the exchange of best practices and tactics to provide health service support for armed forces engaged in operations.

Participants engaged in discussions and demonstrations on contemporary combat life saving techniques, first response, self-aid, and buddy aid.  Both the United States and Guyana were able to benefit from the exchange by sharing lessons learned and methods to better support natural disaster response and humanitarian assistance operations. 

The course training materials left over from the Tactical Life Saver training will be used again in the future to train additional members of the GDF Medical Corps, the US Embassy noted.GDF Training 1

The Tactical Life Saver skills course is part of a longstanding relationship between the Guyana Defense Force and the Florida National Guard through the State Partnership Program (SPP). 

Members of the Florida National Guard have had several opportunities to share skills, experience, and information in the context of bilateral exchanges with Guyana to enhance military capacity and capability.



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