GDF Medic delivers baby on-board vessel en route to Mabaruma


A medic attached to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) in the wee hours of Friday delivered beautiful baby girl onboard MV Barima en route to Mabaruma, Region One (Barima Waini).

Based on information received, at about 1:30h Aloma Roberts of Wauna, Region 1, went into labour on-board the vessel which was several miles out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The members of the Coast Guard Team along with the baby and her mother

However, on-board the vessel was a GDF Patrol who quickly radioed the nearest Coast Guard outpost for assistance.

The patrol’s medic, Lance Corporal Nickel Charles, delivered the healthy baby girl.

The newborn and mother were subsequently transported to the Mabaruma Hospital via a GDF Coast Guard high speed patrol craft, which intercepted the T&HD vessel in the Atlantic Ocean.

The members of the patrol returned to the Mabaruma Hospital to check up on both the mother and daughter. Both were reportedly doing extremely well.




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