GDF boosted with 164 more soldiers

Best Student Shaquel Carrol collects his trophy from Chief -of –Staff of the Guyana Defence Force Commodore Gary Best
Best Student Shaquel Carrol collects his trophy from Chief -of –Staff of the Guyana Defence Force Commodore Gary Best

The one hundred and sixty-four (164) new additions to the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) were charged by the Chief -of- Staff Commodore Gary Best to uphold the values of the force; to live by the its creed and strive to be professional in and out of their uniform at the occasion of their ‘Passing Out Parade’ which was held yesterday at National Cultural Centre (NCC) tarmac.

Commodore Best charged the new recruits to be responsible, respect the law and others, live by the oath of the Force and bear true allegiance to the state, serving honestly and faithfully against all enemies, obeying all orders form the President and those officers above them.

The new recruits are the successful ones of a total of 242 who had embarked on the 16-week Basic Recruit Course 2013-01. Most of the drop outs were for medical reasons.

During his address, Commodore Best noted that this was the last batch of   entrants into the force that he would address at Chief – of – Staff. To this end, he said, “I would therefore attempt to use my time wisely and leave something of worth for you to consider as you pursue my career, as I close mine.”

Among some of the wise counsel given to the new recruits were the merits of a true soldier, as Commodore Best posited that today the recruits are soldiers and as such they now need to understand who a soldier is, and what he or she  is required to do.

“As a soldier you are a person who has agreed to give your life to this country,” he stated.

Also among the qualities he listed was the soldier’s constitutional duty to defend his/her country, to maintain order , to be an upholder of the law, upholder of high values, defender of territorial integrity and to be a role model for the force and his/her community.

Best also advised of the force’s commitment to educate and empower its members in addition to military skills. “We will educate you right up to the level of university once you possess  requirements,” he stated.

The event saw awards given for such categories as best section, best platoon, best shot, best fitness, military knowledge, best drill, best student and best runner -up students.  Shaquel Carroll was named Best Student and Basil Watson Runner-up student.



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