GCCI ‘extremely concerned’ about escalation in armed robberies, violent crimes

Mr Vishnu Doerga, President of the GCCI

The Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GGCI) said it is extremely concerned about the escalation in armed robberies and violent crimes being perpetrated on members of the business community and the country as a whole.  

The Chamber, in a statement today, said it would like to “implore upon the Government and the Disciplined Forces that the need to address this issue is even more urgent as the celebration of our Golden Jubilee is fast approaching, and we are asking tourists and Guyanese abroad to come back to visit, celebrate, and moreover, invest in Guyana.”

Mr Vishnu Doerga, President of the GCCI
Mr Vishnu Doerga, President of the GCCI

The Chamber said it is “extremely disturbing” that all the support over the years, from both local and international agencies, seems to have done very little to improve the overall effectiveness of the Guyana Police Force in securing the nation.

“Clearly, there is an urgent need for a national discussion on the long term capacity of the Force to address the level of crime in Guyana, starting with an increase in foot patrols,” the GCCI stated.

It said robberies such as those committed on the Princess Ramada Casino, the murder of the two prominent rice farmers, both burnt to death, and numerous other businesses across the country continue to be documented in our daily newspapers which are regularly viewed by our intended overseas guests.

“These incidents will loom like a large cloud over our parades and related activities, deter visitors from coming to participate in our celebrations, and can place a damper on lucrative future investment,” said the GCCI, which is headed by Vishnu Doerga.  



  1. If the head Josey wales was trying to thief through his office,what will the population of criminals do,there will be a ripple effect,no regards as to activities.

  2. GCCI ‘extremely concerned’ about escalation in armed robberies, violent crimes
    You people been asleep at the switch for too long and you get the government of the external powers choice..you advocate for it and now you are crying about it?

  3. The APNU scum bags do not care what you have to say they want money for the big bash and they will do whatever it takes to get it –kill rob etc ,the moron at the helm will release them as soon as they are put in prison if they do go to prison.

  4. It’s a shame that this Military Regime cannot reduce the crime rate but can pounce on innocent Citizens by harassing them. Now we Guyanese are living in fear.

  5. Bring back tge death penalty. Change the laws against arm Robbery, anyone with an unlicensed gun should fhave a minimum of 5 years imprisonment, if committed a crime with it they should face life or death penalty


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