Gays knifed to death in Georgetown



By Leroy Smith

[] – Jason John and Carl Sinclair were brutally stabbed to death early this morning [Sunday, July 20] after an angry and jealous lover of another male sex worker attacked them on Leopold Street and Lombard Street, respectively.

iNews has been informed that the attacker whose name was given as Samuel Bristol of  Nabaclis, East Coast Demerara was in an intimate relationship with another male commercial sex worker and became angry after that individual broke off the almost five years relationship.

This news site was informed that the man first showed up on North Road in the vicinity of the St Georges Cathedral where the male sex workers would usually ply their trade and attempted to throw gasoline on the workers.

However, some fled while others put up a fight and the man ran from the location and joined a MMC Vehicle which took him to Leopold Street where he attacked the a sex worker and a friend.

He first dealt several stabs to Jason John also known as “Jada” who is said to be a dancer and a model and sex worker, Carl St Claire also known as “Tyra Banks”, who was with Jada at the time.

iNews understands that the two ran to High Street onto Lombard Street where he caught up with them and knifed them death before fleeing the scene.

The intimate partner of the assailant, Mario, told iNews that he decided to break off the relationship with the man who was an abuser and who his family encouraged him to separate from because of that attitude.

He said that he recently began engaging in the act of commercial sex and the man was not in support of it and would constantly show up at the North Road location and threaten the workers to kill them all.

The police responded very quickly after they were informed of the man’s actions but by the time they arrived he had already gone into hiding. Within five minutes of the incident there were close to five hundred persons who gathered at the two locations as they sought to get a glimpse of the sprawled lifeless bodies of the two.

Many of the co-workers broke down in tears while several other persons who gathered including police officers commented that despite the way of lives of the individuals, no one should see it fit to murder them for any reason.





  1. The Bishop has nothing to do with this, it clearly states that it is lover’s quarrel. This is the PNCites Bloggers mantra of blaming every criminal act on the Government.
    Leonardo Sir, I had this conversation only Friday with my massage therapist and last night with my daughter. I told her that more than one time seemingly gay men hit on me. I can repeatedly write the details down step by step since it is the truth.
    Case in point, I am very annoyed and about two months ago, a seemingly straight man looking at me in a locker room/shower who turns out to be gay or in this attitude. He then directly and boldly hits on me.
    My daughter asked me to not judge the rest of the good people in the gay community because of one bad apple.
    If gay people wants respect and acceptance, they must give respect and pay attention to the old adage, ‘when in Rome, do as Romans do’. They cannot dance lewdly in the street among other things and be poor role models, then expect public embrace.

  2. Moderator:
    If this blog site is to continue to be successful, please remove Killa47 blog and ban that handle and that specific type of blog.
    I ask this because I am ashamed of that blog because it sounds very spiteful, hateful, swearing and disrespectful.
    I may not like the gay lifestyle, but this does not mean I should be intolerant. God made everyone and loves everyone.
    Killa47 please come back and blog with a new handle and make this forum an enjoyable one to all where we can express our views and opinions with finesse and not hate and gutter language.

  3. Could Edghill’s public statement about Gays emboldened this person to commit this act.


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