Gay community protest President’s Office for Edghill’s removal

Members of the LGBT community are protesting for Edghill's removal.


By Fareeza Haniff

Members of the LGBT community are protesting for Edghill's removal.
Members of the LGBT community are protesting for Edghill’s removal.

[] – Members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi – Sexual and Transgender [LGBT] community today protested outside the Office of the President, Shiv Chanderpaul Drive, Georgetown calling for the removal of Junior Finance Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill and for their human rights to be protected.

The protest follows the murder of two homosexuals on Sunday morning. Jason John and Carl Sinclair were brutally stabbed to death on Leopold Street and Lombard Street, respectively.

The assailant, Samuel Bristol was allegedly in an intimate relationship with another male commercial sex worker and became angry after that individual broke off the almost five years relationship.

Bristol killed himself shortly after by dousing a corrosive substance on his body.

This is not the first time that the gay community is calling for Edghill’s removal, following comments he made against gays recently. Local gay rights advocacy group SASOD had said that Edghill is guilty of making hate speeches in relation to homosexuality and persons who practice the act; reasoning that it could incite ill-will against LGBT persons.

The Body was making specific reference to Edghill’s recent comments on the Radio Program ‘Hard Talk’ on 90.1 FM where he supported views expressed by Pastor Ronald McGarrell where he [McGarrell] said that homosexuality is a learnt behavior and that all gay persons should live on an island by themselves to prevent it from spreading.

LGBT community protesting outside Office of the President.
LGBT community protesting outside Office of the President.

Member of the LGBT community, Kwesi Fernandes told reporters today that discussions need to commence between the community and government as it relates to their basic human rights.

“We cannot allow ourselves to have one Minister in government with his church/churches to dictate people’s lives, people are being murdered, and people are being disrespected, discriminated and when you go to make a report, sometimes you are told derogatory things like battyman and fiyah.”

Fernandes further accused the police force of verbally abusing them on many occasion. He believes that LGBT people have no recourse for justice.




  1. This backward politician must resign immediately OR FIRED. Our Country has to change and lets start by asking these kinds of fools to remove themselves from public office.

  2. the bishop should have shut his traps…imagine if this man was leader he might have really carry out his religious nutish brutish beliefs….its discrimination…its a human right violation for a sitting minister who just cant help himself…go he must..


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