GAWU’s oil and gas branch disturbed by GYSBI’s high-handedness


Statement from GAWU 

The oil and gas branch of the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) is disturbed have learnt from media reports that Guyana Shore Base Incorporated (GYSBI) has apparently sacked workers after they decried their unfavourable working conditions. The GAWU wishes to remind that the Prevention of Discrimination Act requires “equal work for equal pay”. To do otherwise is a clear breach of the law and the workers’ actions were justifiable in our view.

Disturbingly was the company’s seeming obnoxious and high-handed decision to terminate workers after highlighting their legitimate concerns. It appears to us that the GYSBI’s decision is an attempt to intimidate workers and continue its seemingly exploitative ways. The history of the working-class is replete of instances of working triumphing over those who seek to deny them their due reward. History we believe will once again repeat itself and the workers will conquer those who, from all appearances, deemed themselves “oil barons”.

In the meantime, we urge the terminated employees to contact our Union. They can reach us through WhatsApp 623-GAWU (4298), by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email: [email protected], our website:, by telephone 227-2091/2, 225-5321, 223-6523 or by visiting our office at 59 High Street and Wights Lane, Kingston, Georgetown.