GAWU wants $50K bonus for sugar workers too

Sugar Workers Protesting


Sugar Workers Protesting
Sugar Workers Protesting

[] – The Guyana Agricultural Workers Union (GAWU) says that the $50,000 bonus given to public servants is also something that can be extended to workers of the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo.)

GAWU in a release on Thursday December 17 noted that sugar workers, not surrendering are not their right to a wage rise and an API award in consonance to past awards.

This has led to workers “engaging in picketing exercises outside the Administrative Offices and Pay Offices of the Corporation across the industry. Picketing exercises took place, so far, at Wales, Enmore, Albion and Blairmont Estates on December 14; at Rose Hall and Uitvlugt Estates on December 16 and at Blairmont Estate on December 17, 2015.”

According to GAWU, the periodic protests undoubtedly will, in all likelihood, roll over into the New Year as the workers are highly demotivated at this time by the treatment they are experiencing by the authorities.

“They feel justifiably that they have been singled out for discrimination notwithstanding the acknowledgement of their hard and dedicated work which has led to the industry breaking new records including the surpassing of the Corporation’s production target for the first time in eleven (11) years.”

The Union stated that since “the pittance API award is to be paid until March next year, GAWU wrote to the Minister of Finance on (Tuesday) December 15, 2015 who announced the award, requesting that the $50,000 Christmas Bonus award to Public Sector employees be awarded also to the sugar workers who are employees also of a state-owned enterprise.”



  1. Sugar workers deserves a tax free bonus too. This is not a one sided program. Let’s not accommodate only one particular group while neglecting others.

  2. Komal,why did you not sound your voice when your hypocritical party was in power, to give the sugar workers the $50k you are asking this present government to give.Some of them are so DUMB,that they don’t realize that you are treating them like a foot-ball.WAKE UP people.


  4. Ridiculous.Sugar workers are paid bonuses throughout the crop year, and still demand a further bonus, for doing their job and meeting, very low targets.Greed as usual.

  5. GAWU wants $50K bonus for sugar workers too.
    Yall does vote PPP so go let PPP give yall 50 thou.
    PPP took yall tax dollars and subsidize Lindeners and they paying $5 for kwh for electricity.
    PPP got yall paying $65 kwh for your electricity.
    PPP took yall for granted for all these years..
    PPP played yall reall good for the fools yall are.
    Since PPP sold yall out to PNC why you fools not get PNC to give yall PNC party cards and allow PNC to vote for yall at election time and yall will get $5 electricity and yall will get $50 thou bonus.

  6. looknah you are a total jackass. You forget is Berbice ppl turn them back on PPP which happen to be a lot of cane cutters there. Stop talking you shit and do you research properly.

  7. In times of profitability it is the same GuySuCo,s money does use to help pay Public Servants and maintain Public Infrastructure such as roads, bridges and hospitals etc.So I accept that is fair for the GuySuCo Workers to make their demand.

  8. Give them a $50,000 bonus for what, striking? These people are the architects of their own doom. Let them continue to be misled by the PPP. Times have changed and sugar is no longer King.

  9. A man who had way too much to drink was heading home after a day of heavy imbibing when came across a bar at the corner of the street and decided to take one last drink. He entered the door and staggered his way to the counter. The barkeep took one look and ordered him to leave.
    The drunk left and turned the corner at the left of the building when he looked up and saw a ‘bar’ sign so he entered the door. The barkeep took one look at him and told him to leave.
    The drunk staggered out, paused as if unsure and made a right at the corner, saw a sign that said ‘bar, so he entered the door. The barkeep took one long, angry look at him and barked angrily that he should leave. The drunk took one long look at the barkeep and stuttered, “I keep running in to you, man, ick – so, so, so how many bars are you working in today?”

  10. I know GuySuCo is in dire financial straits, but if the government is going to keep propping it up, then the government has to do the propping up in a manner that makes it appear as though sugar workers are government employees just like public servants.
    For this year, public servants receive a meagre pay increase plus a $5000 bonuses, and days before Christmas, they are set to receive a $50,000 bonus.
    Sugar workers have demonstrated by their ability to surpass production targets for the first time in 11 years that they are capable of delivering under the right management.
    And although Maslow’s theory says monetary reward should not be used as part of the hierarchy of motivating factors, I say we reward sugar workers for at least showing they can deliver.
    Maybe the next time Komal Chand and GAWU call a strike, Chand and GAWU may be inclined to believe they are number one in sugar workers’ books when they see sugar workers collectively raise one hand in the air and extend a solitary finger.

  11. the most irresponsible gullible and naive group of workers anywhere in the whole wide world just came off two three-day strike action costing the already bankrupt corporation they work for a total of 75m and still they have the audacity to go out picketing for doesn’t even end there, as; this same group of workers voted overwhelmingly to keep a government in power for over two long decades and have no qualms about being misled again despite the fact that the same government and the union – a political tool of the ppp party – all but left them jobless and without a paycheck just a few short months ago.

  12. Yes,it is only just that Guysuco pay the Sugar Workers a Xmas Bonus of $50,000.They have to take care of their families at Xmas time.Come on.

  13. Give the sugar workers a tax free $50,000 bonus too. That is the fair thing to do. They have exceeded the target and deserve the bonus.

  14. Komal Oh Komal what a web of deceit you weave.
    The company is insolvent…
    Guysuco continues to pay exorbitant salaries to its managers and pittances to your charges, yet you continue to look for handouts saying workers have rights.
    Here is what you need to do, stop being contemptuous
    and demand the following:
    1. All managerial staff take a pay cut of 15% until the company returns to profitability.
    2. Let the government make known the salary and perks of the Directorate of the ailing company. You will see gross gross gross anomaly.
    3. Present a ten point plan on what you know has to be done to improve the company’s financial position.
    4. Indicate to the nation what GAWU will be doing to ensure that the company returns to profitability.
    Komal and Seepaul should stop whining and produce some strategic stuff. There is always the economist BJ to help them.
    Lets see.

  15. All sugar workers should get their bonus. It’s because of the industry with which they work earn foreign currency for the country. These people give a hard effort in the field. It’s not their fault that the industry is mismanaged. Productive workers and private workers are the ones most deserving a bonus.


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