GAWU seeking to represent oil, hospitality sector workers

GAWU Head Seepaul Narine
Seepaul Narine

The Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) has created two division to start representing the interest of workers in the hospitality and oil and gas sector.
This move comes after the Union received an influx of requests from workers in those sectors.

GAWU, in a statement, said that the decision was taken at this General Council on Friday.

The General Council in approving the decision considered a report from the Union’s General Secretary which indicated that in recent times a growing number of workers from the two sectors have been approaching the Union seeking advice and guidance regarding difficulties and challenges they are facing at their workplaces. That report indicated that, in many instances, workers were not aware of their roles and responsibilities.

It added that the Union has concluded that very few workers were aware of their rights and that will be the primary objective of the two new branches. The branches also aim to assist employers in the sector as well to educate their workers on their obligations as employees.

“We believe that there is need for a balance as workers in as much as they have rights also have responsibilities which they must similarly be knowledgeable about. On this score, the Union is willing to collaborate with employers in the sectors to educate their employees as they seek to motivate and commit their workers to enhancing financial performance while, at the same time, enhancing the International Labour Organisation (ILO) decent work agenda,” GAWU said.

GAWU is encouraging all workers in the sector to reach out to the Union for advice and guidance. It also called on employers to engage the Union regarding collaborative work to enhance productivity, efficiency, and knowledge at the workplace.