GAWU pickets GuySuCo’s Head Office over meals


Moments after a conciliatory meeting to discuss sugar workers’ 2015 Annual Production Incentive (API) between the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) and the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) concluded today, a picketing protest began after the Union’s delegation discovered that no meals had been prepared for them.

pic 1INews understands that this peaceful picketing exercise executed by GAWU’s negotiating team took place in front of GuySuCo’s Head Office located at Ogle, East Coast Demerara (ECD) after they were “denied of meals” by the Corporation.

According to GAWU, this is the first time in 40 years since the Union was recognised,  something of this nature occurred.

“The picketing followed the conclusion of a conciliatory meeting to discuss API for 2015 under the Chairmanship of the Chief Labour Officer and it was at that point the Union was informed that GuySuCo had not prepared any meals. This is the first time…that the Corporation as the host of the meeting did not provide meals to its hard-working workers, including those who travelled very early in the morning from Berbice,” the sugar workers’ Union contended.

INews understands that some of the placards used during the picketing exercise read “Why did you starve us?” “GuySuCo hosts API meeting – yet denied us lunch,” “Where are our meals?” and more.

“GAWU condemns GuySuCo’s attitude and behaviour. The contemptuous position displayed and the treatment meted out is a clear demonstration of the Corporation’s disrespect to its workers. It also represents another instance where established norms that have been honoured over time in the industry are being rolled-back and this portends for unhealthy relations,” the Union stated in a press release minutes ago.




  1. Gawoo what world are you living in.Do you think you are going to restaurant. Unions throughout the world look after the needs of their members.You are like a bunch of spoilt primadonas.Look, put your thumbs in your mouth ,and run back to your mummies tits.

  2. They Union should indicate to the public how long the meeting lasted and what transpired during the meeting. instead of this distasteful display.


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