GASI commissions new aviation refueller


The Guyana Aviation Services Incorporated (GASI), a subsidiary of the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil) on Thursday commissioned a spanking new aviation refueller at its location at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), which will service local and international aircraft bound in Guyana.

Chief Executive Officer Renatha Exeter explained that with this new addition, they are seeking to increase its capacity to refuel all aircraft. Exeter noted that they are also making preparations for the imminent oil industry.

“Our fleet comprises of one road truck wagon and two aircraft delivery trucks which we call refuellers… We’re adding the state-of-the-art brand new 10,000 gallons refueller. This is such a proud moment for GASI and more so, our shareholder Guyoil because it signifies growth and expansion, especially at a pivotal point in Guyana, a time when we are expected to see exponential growth in the aviation industry,” she related.

The CEO added, “This commissioning of our new refueller signifies that we are ready, equipped and well-positioned as a company. This is further demonstrated through our staff at GASI, who are trained in all aspects of fuel handling at the airport.”

She explained that they have recorded zero spills and environmental mishaps so far. Their impeccable track record also extends to other sectors, where positive figures have been documented.

“To date, we are proud to report a record of zero spills and environment incidents and impeccable audit records. Periodic audits are randomly conducted by all our international customers and the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority,” the CEO related.

GASI operates at two locations; the Providence terminal which supplies the Eugene F Correia International Airport, and the Timehri location, which services the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA).

The agency was commissioned back in 2015 and has a maximum capacity of 11,309 barrels of fuel. However, the main operational facility is located in close proximity to CJIA in Timehri.

Meanwhile, retired Colonel Cargill Kyte of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority emphasised the need to supply quality fuel that is uncontaminated.

“A primary accountability of the contracted supplier of the fuel is to demonstrated that at the time of transfer, the fuel delivered was clean, uncontaminated and on specification. The commissioning of the Skymark refueller forms part of that chain.”