Ganga Persaud’s resignation: Suggestion of rape, involvement with minor a “big lie” – Associate

Ganga Persaud taking the oath of office as Local Government Minister in 2011.
Ganga Persaud taking the oath of office as Local Government Minister in 2011.

[]Reports that an allegation of rape and having a relationship with a minor is what caused the resignation of the  Minister of Local Government Ganga Persaud have been described as “scandalous” and a “big lie” by an associate close to the Minister.

The  associate, in a call to iNews this evening (Monday, January 27), said she was “outraged” by reports circulating  especially on Facebook that the Minister committed rape and/or was involved with a minor.

She hinted that the only personal issue Ganga Persaud has relates to a consenting relationship he had with a mature adult. The Minister, the associate pointed out, is going through a “tough and troubling period of his personal life.”

“He has done the correct thing to demit office so he can sort out his personal issues. This step should be lauded and speaks of his respect for his office, colleagues in government and the wider public,” the associate said.

The associate is appealing to the media and opposition members to recognize that the Minister is “human who would from time to time experience rough patches in life.”

Earlier on Monday, General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee dodged questions that Local Government Minister, Ganga Persaud was involved in an “inappropriate” relationship with a young female, thus why he resigned from government.

Ganga Persaud shocked the nation when he announced his resignation on January 23. The resignation was accepted by President Donald Ramotar and becomes effective on January 31.

Persaud remains a government Parliamentarian and a member of the PPP and its central committee.

Meanwhile, the General Secretary also confirmed that it was indeed the President who asked the Minister to resign. President Ramotar at a press conference last week following the announcement of Persaud’s resignation also dodged the question as to whether he had asked the Minister to resign.

The President did not answer the question directly. He only said, “I accepted the resignation.”




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