Gang raped teen receiving ‘shock treatment’ at N/A hospital

The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.
The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.

[] – The 18 – year – old male teen who accused 10 men of gang raping him on New Year’s Eve was transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital in Berbice for shock treatment in an effort to help him speak.

The teen recently regained consciousness after the ordeal which left him traumatized and speechless for days.

His mother, who is currently in Berbice told iNews during a telephone interview on Tuesday, January 27 that after doctors administered the ‘shock treatment’ her son started to speak; however she noted that his speech still remains a bit distorted.

She was also happy to relate to iNews that her son is “eating and sitting up”, which has renewed her hope that he will fully recover.

The teen was unconscious for almost eight days following the ordeal. Doctors at the Georgetown Hospital l told the mother her son was raped repeatedly.

The woman denied claims that her son is mentally challenged, after his accusers suggested this to investigators as the reason behind his claims. The mother did acknowledge that her son is physically challenged.

The 17 – year – old who is accused of leading the gang of nine others to rape his friend has since denied any involvement and knowledge of the incident.

He was arrested by the Police but was subsequently released on bail. The suspect and victim had reportedly worked together at the same supermarket.

The medical file was handed over to ranks at the Leonora Police station and according to reports they are waiting for the victim to fully recover before a statement is taken from him.

Meanwhile, Divisional Commander of ‘D’ Division, Marlon Chapman had told iNews that the content of the victims’ statement will determine whether the men will be charged. He stressed that the, “statement is very crucial” for a case to be built against the alleged accusers.



  1. Where is that bastard?did u asshole police get them,Guyana is pretty mess up,people are sick,police force are a bunch of crooks,I don’t want to go back there when you hear stories like this,I don’t want to spend my hard earn $$ to travel somewhere to be rape…they should be lock up or get rid of them….DEATH ROW!!!

  2. This is sad . hope justice is serve. I pray he recover and is able to identify these monsters. Jail these beasts.

  3. Sad commentary on a once supposedly great nation . a few months back My cousin was brutally beaten to an Inch of his life and left for dead and not once Did a police officer get involved. Police in Guyana have no formal training and is bought faster than a side street hooker that couldn’t find their own assholes while taking a dump.I hope that poor buy gets some justice .

  4. I cant believe this crap. U have witness to the boy nearly being killed, u have medical records of the boy being gang raped. pluss u have the people how must have done it and u put them on bail????. now when the boy talk they gon say they cant find the people that rape him???? come on now we need to revamp the police procedure in Guyana.


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