Gang raped Teen: Mother expresses fear for son’s safety



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.
The 18-Y-0 remains hospitalised.

[] – The 18 – year – old teen who accused 10 men of gang raping him on New Year’s Eve has fully regained consciousness, according to his mother.

The woman told iNews during a telephone interview on Monday, January 19, that even though he is awake and alert, the young man is still unable to speak.

The woman said her son would nod his head acknowledging when he is spoken to, but attempts by the teen to respond have been unsuccessful.

“He is listening to you and would just shack his head, he won’t open his mouth to say anything…he would open his eye look at you and then close back his eyes and just listen, because whatever you tell him he would just shake his head and that’s how he would respond to you.”

The teen was unconscious for almost eight days following the ordeal but has slowly made progress which has renewed his mother’s hope that he will be okay.

The woman has now expressed fear for her son’s life after she was told that “strange persons” were seen visiting him at the health institution. She has since reported this to the Leonora Police Station.

“Somebody tell me that we need to get a guard around him because strange people would go and visit him and we don’t know the boy who they had arrested family so we don’t know who can harm him…They told me at the station to go and meet the hospital administration and that person will tell the nurse what to do…like stopping everybody from going and see him until they see me there, if I am there, it’s ok.”

Before the physically challenged rape victim was rushed to the hospital, he told relatives what had occurred.

Doctors at the hospital told his mother that he was raped repeatedly which not only traumatized him but left him in a state of shock.

The woman has denied claims that her son is mentally challenged, but admitted to his physical disability.

The 17 – year – old who is accused of leading the gang of nine others to rape his friend has since denied any involvement and knowledge of the incident.

He was arrested by the Police but was subsequently released on bail. During an interview with iNews on January 14, he vehemently denied the allegations.

The suspect and victim had reportedly worked together at the same supermarket.

The medical file was handed over to ranks at the Leonora Police station and according to reports they are waiting for the victim to fully recover before a statement is taken from him.

Meanwhile, Divisional Commander of ‘D’ Division, Marlon Chapman told iNews that the content of the victims’ statement will determine whether the men will be charged. He stressed that the, “statement is very crucial” for a case to be built against the alleged accusers.



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