Gafoors fire suspected to have started ‘accidentally’ – Fire Chief


By Kristen Macklingam

The massive blaze which destroyed a major section of the Gafoors Shopping Complex storage bonds earlier this week resulting in the company losing billions of dollars is strongly suspected to have started accidentally.

Chief Fire Officer Marlon Gentle
Chief Fire Officer Marlon Gentle

According to Fire Chief Marlon Gentle, investigations into the origin of the fire are still on-going but at present it would appear as if it may have been “accidental in nature” and not arson.

He told the media that the probe by the Guyana Fire Service (GFS) is almost completed and at this point in time investigators are narrowing down the evidence which points in the direction of the fire being an ‘accident’.

Meanwhile, staffers of the Gafoors Complex have been allowed to enter the damaged building to assist in removing debris. However, one specific area is still off limits at present.

INews understands that the firefighters who received injuries during their battle with the raging fire on Monday, last, are all recovering.


Even though the massive blaze started on Monday, fire service ranks up to noon on Tuesday were still trying to extinguish pockets of fire at the location.

INews understands that the massive fire which resulted in over 500 employees uncertain about their future, had eased around 02:00 hrs the day after it begun, but flared up again sometime after which led to the main entrance of the building being further damaged by the flames.

Employees who turned up at their place of work on Tuesday were visibly traumatised; with some of them openly expressed how uncertain they were about their future with the company. They were reportedly told by management that they should return the following day, Wednesday, as decisions on their jobs are pending.

While owner of the hardware giant, Sattaur Gafoor, was at the time meeting with Insurance Brokers to sort out other matters, canter operators expressed their deep concerns over possible unemployment.

However, a source told INews that some of the employees will be transferred to other locations.


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