Fugitive shot, captured by police in Berbice


Police in Berbice yesterday shot and captured wanted man Delroy Joseph, called ‘Barney’ of Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, and also Norton Street, Georgetown. The fugitive was captured in a house at Nicolay Street, NA, Berbice in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne).

CAPTURED: Delroy Joseph
CAPTURED: Delroy Joseph

Reports are that he was shot on his left upper leg when police officers visited the house. A man and two women were also arrested during the raid.
Residents in the area said policemen entered the house after which they heard a single gunshot. This was followed by screams.
As the shot man was taken from the house, an officer was seen leaving with his shirt torn and a bloodstained knife in a plastic bag. This suggested that the man might have attacked the police following which he was shot.
Reports are that the wanted man had gone to visit a girlfriend at Nicolay Street. Joseph, who had several brushes with the law, was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where he was admitted and is under police guard.
On March 11, 2011, Acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry remanded Joseph on a simple larceny charge. He was accused of stealing $220,000 from Courtney Grimmond.
In November 2014, he was arrested in Georgetown and taken to Berbice where a Magistrate remanded him on six robberies allegedly committed between September and November.

Last November police had gone to the said house in search of Joseph but he managed to escape before the cops arrived.
Police are investigating Thursday’s shooting.




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