Fuel situation returns to normalcy



By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Guyoil[www.inewsguyana.com] – The fuel shortage by the Guyana Oil Company (Guyoil) that many persons experienced at the weekend, specifically in regions 3 & 6 has been attributed to technical issues with Petrotrin’s blending facilities.

This is according to Head of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), Mahender Sharma. In responding to questions from iNews via email, Sharma explained that the oil company has been experiencing this issue sometime last month.

According to Sharma, “GEA understands that while some Guyoil stations experienced supply disruptions yesterday, gasoline was available from other suppliers.”

Regional Chairman of Region 6, David Armogan this morning (Tuesday, November 04) confirmed that the situation in Berbice has returned to normalcy.

Guyana imports gasoline from Petrotrin, Trinidad and PDVSA, Venezuela. Prime Minister Samuel Hinds during a telephone interview with iNews last evening confirmed the shortage as he noted that the situation continues to be monitored.

CEO of the GEA, Mahender Sharma.
CEO of the GEA, Mahender Sharma.

Asked if the government will be meeting with the suppliers and local gas station operators, the Prime Minister said that the development is one that is engaging Government’s attention and will be looked at.

Yesterday Berbice was worse hit by the shortage which saw long lines at the few stations that were supplying gas.

The situation created an uncomfortable situation for many Berbicians who were forced to search at several outside locations for gasoline.


  1. when will Guyoil begin speaking the truth, while the service is meant to bring relief to the citizenry it is a far cry from meeting that requirement.
    during this previous crisis all the fuel stations which comes under direct management of Guyoil were seen selling gas while none was given to those stations on contract
    it appears more like they are controlling the situation to achieved maximum profit.
    . now it in the media an excuse is found.

  2. dis is puzzling…
    once all the money disappeared and everything crashed..but guyana had economic growth..
    now the world is full of cheap gas and guyana dont have gas..
    if pnc was still in power they might have told motorists to squeeze kasava and see if om will work as fuel …kasava flour..kasava gas? rice flour—rice gas?
    oh they return to normalcy now…


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