Frequent shooting incidents at Puruni Landing leave residents in fear


Residents of Puruni, Mazaruni (Region Seven) remain fearful for their safety as gun-related activities at a bar in the area continue to terrorise them.
The bar, located at Puruni Landing and owned by a Brazilian national named “Junior” (only name given), has again come into focus after two sets of gunshots were heard during a 20-minute period in which loud quarrelling and sporadic fist-fighting took place among patrons there. The incident occurred at some time around 01:30h on Saturday.
According to one eyewitness, persons within the vicinity were seen scurrying away from the bar during the first gunfire, running into nearby areas for their safety.
Neighbouring business owners have related that when they heard the gunshots, they also became afraid for their safety, resulting in them taking cover by throwing themselves flat onto the ground for a lengthy period throughout the night.
One of the proprietors, who at about 02:00h, managed to get a look at the commotion nearby, recalled observing a man with his back bloodied. He said that throughout the remainder of the night there was loud quarrelling and fighting around the bar area.
Another businessperson stated that around the said time, they also witnessed six males chasing after an Amerindian man, who literally ran through a nearby zinc fence to make good his escape.
The second gunshots were heard just after 02:00h in another direction away from the bar.
This is not the first time that such indiscriminate gunfire had being heard around the Puruni Landing late in the night, the residents complain.
Reports also indicate that the foster son of a popular dredge owner in the area was seen firing off gunshots indiscriminately around the Puruni Landing area.
The ‘Junior Bar’ is said to be the hub of all night time activities on the Puruni Landing, especially since it normally houses “Spanish-speaking ladies of the night” a resident said.
“Whenever they get wind of a likely visit by authorities, these ‘Spanish ladies of the Night’ at this bar on the Puruni Landing would normally be seen scurrying around and away from the area to keep out of sight of authorities during their visit,” this publication was told.
In light of these events, which have driven fear amongst residents and the business community of Puruni Landing, calls are being made for the permanent presence of Police to ensure law and order is maintained in the area.


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