Free meals, free books, free transportation – APNU+AFC promises

A section of the supports at the APNU+AFC rally at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast
A section of the supports at the APNU+AFC rally at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast
A section of the supports at the APNU+AFC rally at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast

[] –A Partnership For National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) has managed to execute what is being dubbed as the biggest Opposition rally in Essequibo at Anna Regina’s Damon Square. Reports from the coalition indicate that there were approximately 7,000 persons at the rally.

The event marked the third rally of the opposition coalition with the other major rallies being held in Whim, Corentyne and Linden.

Speakers at the event included several prominent residents of Essequibo and political figures from APNU/AFC coupled with the Presidential Candidate David Granger and Prime Ministerial Candidate Moses Nagamootoo.

Reports indicate that residents were the highlight of the rally as they pledged allegiance to the coalition hoping that come May 11, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic is voted out of office.

Sam Bacchus, a prominent businessman in the region, said that “we are expecting you to carry out the programs and wishes of the people. We expect Constitutional Reforms, we want a return of the constituency system, we want the power to recall our parliamentarians when they do not conform to our wishes; we want transparent transactions.”

He said that the PPP/C has long since “evaporated” from the ideals of its late founder Dr Cheddi Jagan.

Presidential Candidate, David Granger and some supporters.
Presidential Candidate, David Granger and some supporters.

Meanwhile, Leader of the Working People’s Alliance (WPA), Dr Rupert Roopnaraine was very persuasive in his address calling for a “revolt” by way of the ballot on May 11.

“Tonight we are calling on you to revolt on May 11th. In this revolt we are not using bullets, we will use the ballots. We are calling for revolt in larceny in high places. We must revolt against violence against our daughters, mothers and even grandmothers,” Dr Roopnarine said on Saturday, April 04.

He also said that the electorate should be on its guard against the possibility of its elections being rigged by the incumbent.

“We have to recognise that after the people vote we have to protect the vote because we are dealing with a desperate band. All things are possible so when we cast that ballot on May 11 let us ensure that we make arrangements to secure every single ballot station and every single ballot box in the land,” urged the WPA Leader.

Meanwhile, the Presidential candidate told the gathering that a new government is what is needed to ensure that Guyana moves forward into the future. He said that such a government should be able to educate the populace and development Guyana’s Human resources.

“You need a new government not a new pair of hands. You need a government that is going to provide you with the education and the skills, the talent and you need a government that is going provide you with the equipment and APNU will help you to become entrepreneurs,” lamented Granger.

Still on the topic of education and human resources, Granger made it clear that it is time Guyana’s children stop using canoes as a mode of transportation to get to and from school.

He said reform to the education sector would include free meals, uniforms, textbooks and a school boat.

“Every child will have transport to get to school. Down with these canoes! They will get a school boat so they don’t have to get to school tired and sweaty.”



  1. i tink we need to unite and go forward let guyanas welth feed all guyanese we have a lot for everyone to be satified with ,exemp the greed and lust there is enough for everyone ,so please dont be like some who think they own guyana ,

  2. cecelia u dont say thanks when others speak the truth…do ya??? you hypo krit…..we know the likes like you..want to truth buried out of your shame.

  3. shaan…u giddy or wat??? u too ashamed to talk about what your nc did to guysnese…so let others talk…shame will kill ya..this is why u always looking down while walking or running…i can raise me head high and be proud that i was not part of pnc atrocities and we will talk so the unborn must know about yall..

  4. Where are the Indians at the essequibo rally i can barely see the lol i can even count them, i see the same faces that was at whim lol they were bused in

  5. Are you saying that our Afro guyanese should forget the ills of slavery? Are you saying that the Indoguyanese should forget the surrferings of the Indentured Servants whose treatment and exploitation which were no different from slavery, at the hands of the plantation owners? Are you saying that the Jews should forget the horrors of the holocast? All these were long past the dark days of the PNC. History is there to guide us so that the mistakes/ acts made, deliberately or otherwise, are not repeated in the future. So Shaun, go and ask what he studied at UG and why.

  6. Shaun, So let’s not talk about the past, the past is the past right? Are you sure ? OKAY Mr. PNC the past is the past. Many, many PNC/AFC keep saying the past is the past. Well Mr. GOAT yesterday was the past!!!! Last week was the past !!!!!
    Mr. PNC What is the past? Come Mr. PNC let’s talk about the present. Here is one.
    “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape” How about that present?

  7. Its time for change, even if the PPP/c govt was as good and great, lean and clean as some make them out to be, we will still need change. Too long in power made them become dictators,they become so complacent that crime and corruption rules the day, every time there is a vacancy, its the same old faces..same shit different days..We the ppl. Want change cause it what it will .Coolie ppl became rich when the PNC banned the food for the lower class ppl to look and feel good is because of some relative abroad is bearing the weight, even if we have to bury our heads in paper bags we prefer that to what we have now.liars,thieves, corruption and shameless behavior and attitude…immorality to the highest..time for change

  8. So what is wrong with Feed Clothes and house the nation? Of course Our first President promised but he die befere his time. You and your ppp claimed to work and invest and that you ppp know how to run business. Well you all will be free to do that under the pnc Goverment. We know what we want.

  9. I will vote pnc because i know my childre don’t have to work> under the pnc we will get free food free car for transport, and free housin not only a piece of land

  10. Free?
    Mr Granger used to hear this from Forbes Burnham.
    Remember, Burnham said ‘we gon feed an clothes the nation’.
    Wha appen?
    Food lines and lines to make food lines.
    Mind you the selected were well fed while flour to make roti was banned!
    Dem coolie da who parading, gon hide dem stupid head in a brown paper gag in due time.

  11. Bro, i am a PPP/C supporter just like you , but honestly of recent these dog out politics that you and by extension the PPP/C has been rolling out is not encouraging, i dont care what they did 30 odd years ago, i am concern about what is happening in my time. you sitting there and bringing up past story dont appeal to young ppl like me. what happen in the past let it stay there, lets focus on now. please.

  12. Free meals, free books, free transportation – APNU+AFC promises…..
    no it not apnu+afc…..why they not tell the 7000 there the truth that its pnc…
    pnc…free food house clothe was promised by pnc not so long ago..
    and with that pnc promise , prominent guyanese were sleeping on the streets wearing rags and was eating scraps from the garbage heap..
    one thing pnc brilliantly doing is telling the same crowd the same thing over and over and over —first at linden then at whim now at essiquibo…today at parade ground…granger and his 30% afro must be ooozzzing from their holes not to have their big thing at–square of the revolution– since rupnarine calling for revolt but not by bullets..


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