Fourth ICT hub launched at Melanie Damishana


Residents of the Melanie Damishana are benefitting from an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Hub. The Ministry of Public Telecommunications on Thursday launched the fourth hub on the East Coast of Demerara at the Vigalstra Housing Co-op Society Building in Melanie Damishana, the Department of Public Information (DPI) has reported.

Some of the residents making use of the services provided at the Melanie Damishana E-Government Hub.

Director of the National Data Management Authority(NDMA), Phillip Walcott on Thursday evening officially declared the centre open and highlighted the importance of E-government hub for villages.

“The reason is that we are looking to provide in each community greater access to government services. That is the ultimate purpose. All of this is about giving you access to government services”, Walcott  was quoted by DPI as saying.

Chairman of the Buxton Foulis National Democratic Council, Deon Abrams commended the government for the initiative, whilst encouraging villagers to care the equipment and make full use of the services.

He noted that despite the reservations about the rapid spread of technology, it has become a necessity for all. “We cannot move forward in the world without knowledge of the internet and being up to date with technology that is provides. For every aspect of life that we deal with now some form of use of the computer and the internet is critical”, Abrams stated.

One resident, Jenasha Alstrom said she is elated since the hub will allow for services previously lacking within the community. She opined, “I think that it is a great opportunity to all the less fortunate people in Melanie that cannot afford the services offered here…and it will benefit us as students.”

The hub is equipped with 15 computers, printers and two air conditioners. Another hub is expected to be commissioned at Plaisance, next week. Four others are scheduled to be opened on the East Coast before the end of the year.

Within the Regions One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Nine and Ten, there are 51 fully operational ICT hubs in various communities, DPI said.


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