Four months imprisonment for man who told the tales of jail; ‘I used to go down on you in prison’


[] – Quamy Bruce was on Wednesday (January 8) sentenced to four months imprisonment for wounding a woman and threatening her husband.

DSC05975Though still unclear, the assault began when one man alleged that the other ‘went down on him’ while in jail.

Bruce pleaded guilty with explanation to the charge which detailed that on Tuesday, January 7 at Stabroek, Georgetown he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Pauline Simon.

The defendant also denied that on the same day at Stabroek, Georgetown, he made use of threatening language to Safraz Ghani.

Police Prosecutor Bharat Mangru told the Court that the two virtual complainants (VC) are husband and wife. He said on the day in question around 13:10hrs the couple were shopping in the Stabroek Bazaar area, when the defendant, in clutches approached Ghani and told him that he abused him when he was in jail.

Mangru said Bruce dropped the clutches and pulled out an ice pick from his waist and advanced to Ghani. He said after Simon saw what was happening, she held onto the weapon and tried to disarm the defendant, during which he hit the woman to her mouth with his hand.

This caused her to receive a swelling and laceration to her top lip. Meanwhile, Bruce told a different story. He said he came out from prison on December 6 and begged around the Bazaar area. He said he saw Ghani and asked him for a help. The defendant further stated that he told Ghani that “I used to go down on you in prison boy”. He then recalled seeing Ghani reaching to his waist, so he decided to pull out his ice pick.



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