Four arrested in connection with murder of Delhi Street Engineer

Dead: Abdool Saleem


Dead: Abdool Saleem
Dead: Abdool Saleem

[] – During investigations into the murder of Abdool Saleem that occurred on October 19, at Delhi Street, Prashad Nagar, the police arrested a suspect in Sophia on Wednesday October 22.

According to a police media release, further investigations led to the arrest of three other men in Sophia. Two unlicensed .32 pistols with a total of 21 rounds were found, police said.

The four men are in police custody assisting with the investigations.

The 23 – year-old Electrical Engineer was shot dead when he was confronted by three men who attempted to rob him as he was about to enter his premises.

The young man had just arrived home at approximately 04:00hrs when the incident occurred. iNews understands that he was an employee of the Beharry Group of Companies.



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