Four arrested, charged following robbery of mining camp


Crime[] – Investigations by the police led to the arrest of four men, who were among a group that held up persons in a mining camp at Oku Backdam, Cuyuni, on August 17, 2015 and took away a licensed .32 pistol and ammunition, a quantity of raw gold, and cell phones.

According to a police report, the four men were arrested on August 22; two of them at Oku Backdam and the other two at Olive Creek, Cuyuni. The stolen firearm was recovered by the police.

Dunston Fraser, 27 years of Ann’s Grove, ECD; Deon Giddings, 34 years of Victoria, ECD; Franklyn Adolph, 27 years and Fabian Mars, 25 years, of North Ruimveldt, Georgetown were all charged with robbery under arms.

In addition, Dunston Fraser was charged with unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition and also Trafficking in Narcotics. They appeared in court on Monday, August 24 where Franklyn Adolph and Fabian Mars pleaded not guilty and were remanded to prison until September 02, 2015.

Deon Giddings pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, while Dunston Fraser pleaded guilty to the unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition and was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment. He also pleaded guilty to the Trafficking in Narcotics and was sentenced to 1 year imprisonment and not guilty to the robbery charge. He is expected to return to court on September 02, 2015.



  1. Ha! Strange comment coming from you CM! Seems you finally admitted that Indians are always the victims of crime and criminality perpetuated by Africans, many being murdered or maimed by their barbarous actions.
    I will agree with you on one point : the time must fit the crime and wish to add: for every criminal. Not only Africans are involved

  2. It’s so many crime happening in Guyana now. The government need to put things in place because every day a Indian got shoot by a black person. I guess it’s time for Indians to go to different countries for refugee status. And why is just black people getting the government jobs mr president there are thousands of indians that also voted for you. Just remember if you don’t do anything for Indians you going to loose their vote next election and the PPP will be back in power

  3. Totally agree_ when these vermin are caught a strong message MUST be sent. The sentence is weak and not a deterrent to those with the same mind set. What about mandatory minimum sentencing is this part of the guideline. Magistrates seem to hand out these light sentences based on how they feel on a particular day. The time must fit the crime.

  4. Ahh why worry? He will be out soon and the ones who plead not guilty after a few court appearances will be out on bail to kill somebody.

  5. These are very serious crimes and the penalty is not harsh enough. The legal system need to send a stronger message to others who try to commit such acts!!


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