Foulis security guard chopped to death while on duty


A security guard who was on duty at the Best Buy Hardware Store, Bladen Hall, East Coast Demerara (ECD) last night is now dead after he was chopped about his body by two men in what is believed to have been an attempted robbery.
Reports are that around 22:45h last night Sattaur Kadir who hailed from Foulis, ECD, challenged two men who had entered the compound from the back.

Chopped to death: Sattaur Kadir
Chopped to death: Sattaur Kadir

It was during this encounter with the perpetrators that the 53-year-old man was dealt several chops about his body with cutlasses. The duo is said to have fled the scene immediately after inflicting severe wounds to Kadir.

Kadir was subsequently rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was pronounced Dead On Arrival (DOA).

Meanwhile, police ranks have launched an investigation into the matter.

Speaking with INews this morning, the dead man’s son, Hafeez, stated that his uncle had telephoned late Wednesday night notifying him and the rest of the Kadir family about the incident.

They immediately rushed to the hospital but when they arrived, they were told that Kadir had already passed away, the son explained.

“When we got the news and we went hospital, but when we get there they already covered him up… but we were not allowed to see him, even up to now, we have not got to see him…he was a fun, loving, caring person,” the dead man’s son stated.

The security guard had been working with the company for almost a year now and was on the night shift when the tragedy struck. He leaves to mourn his wife and three children along with relatives.



  1. Way to go …..enjoy the life style now for all those who wanted change you all get the real change from a peace and quite to sleepless nights and days full of crimes….

    Shame on the new government……to have there people and and the entire world looking down on them….and all the care about is the preparation of the big celebration coming up, where they can waste out all the money that they went into government and found.

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  2. Foulis security guard chopped to death while on duty.
    Our US backed and Installed president must immediately take to the airwaves and announce to the nation that he and his security minister Ramjhaat and his commissioner of police SeeLall and himself got a lock on criminality.
    Also to inform the nation not to worry sine thePNC good life is here to stay.

  3. Wonder what the chief security guard the dictator in chief has to say about the crimes committed against innocent hard working ppl.NOTHING BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT OF HIS KIND,

  4. How many more? Very good promoting and encouraging for the TOURISTS sector, SAD,,a hard working mans life taken away by LAZY bums,,,and what is being done??


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