Former Region 2 REO allegedly refusing to step down, hand over reins

Former REO Rupert Hopkinson
Former REO Rupert Hopkinson

Former Regional Executive Officer (REO) for Region 2, Pomeroon-Supenaam, Rupert Hopkinson is allegedly refusing to formally hand over duties to the newly elected REO Dennis Jaikarran.

According to the Regional Chairman Davanand Ramdatt, the new REO Jaikarran took up office as from the 1st of January 2019 and is operating on a desk in the Regional Boardroom while Hopkinson still occupies the REO’s office.

The Regional Chairman said that although instructed to formally hand over the office to Jaikarran he is reluctant to do so.

Moreover, the new REO is calling for a formal handing over to familiarize himself with the Region’s Assets, finance and incomplete works, etc.

The Regional Democratic Council (RDC) has condemned the situation and is calling for an immediate handing over of the REOs office so that the Region’s work can continue.

According to a source, the former REO still visits his office and can be seen instructing workers.

Newly elected REO Dennis Jaikarran

Mention was also made of the millions of dollars of state funds used to plant palm trees along the roadway and the REO is reportedly now in he process of removing some of the plants   at his residence in Cotton Field.

He is also allegedly refusing to give up the state house in Cotton Field.

According to the Regional Chairman, Hopkinson was informed by way of a letter dated  November 27, 2018 of his replacement, sent by the Minister of Communities, Ronald Bulkan and he had enough time to put things in place for a smooth handing over.


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