Former President slams Kaieteur News for publishing ‘wild fabrications’ – in desperate effort to retain some ‘relevance’


Former President Donald Ramotar has accused the privately-owned Kaieteur News of descending into the publication of “wild fabrications” in a desperate effort to retain some “relevance” in the new PNC-led APNU/AFC dispensation.

Former President Donald Ramotar
Former President Donald Ramotar

The former President was at the time responding to a spate of articles in the Kaieteur News since the APNU/AFC Government took office, which laid numerous claims of corruption and other irregularities during his administration.
Ramotar had recently demanded that Minister of Finance Winston Jordan “bring evidence” to buttress his claims that the audits launched by his Government indicated state-owned entities violated the law “with impunity”. The former Guyanese head of state pointed out the fact that Jordan had asked the Auditor General’s office to recheck the audits, meant nothing substantial had been found up to now. In addition, he said the Finance Minister was putting pressure on the AG’s office to go along with his premature conclusions.
The Guyana Times (today’s edition) quoted Ramotar as saying Government officials like Minister Jordan might be reacting to the daily onslaught by Kaieteur News demanding convictions and jail for individuals whom the editor and proprietor of KN had fingered even before the elections.
“Take the case of NICIL…for years the Kaieteur News had been hounding its CEO Winston Brassington for alleged corrupt acts. But even after the audit by Goolsarran could provide no evidence of wrongdoing under the applicable laws, the Kaieteur News would not let up,” Ramotar said.
Asked whether the tragic subsequent action by SOCU to place Brassington’s home under surveillance might have also ensued from Kaieteur News’ obsession, the former President said: “We cannot rule that out. As one who occupied the highest office in the land, on many occasions some in the government became rattled by the Kaieteur News maniac attacks”.
Concerning the call in the latest edition of Kaieteur News for the government to “correct broadcast legislation”, the former President said: “This is typical of that newspaper, which appears not to understand how institutions work. It appears that the KN owner wanted a radio licence but believe it or not, as Bibi Shadick pointed out, he never applied for one. Just because the KN said it wanted something, it thinks government must jump through hoops to have it done.”
The Guyana Times report also quoted Ramotar as declaring: “That newspaper is fighting for some relevance. This goes back years. It is very sad that that newspaper has now resorted to wild fabrications, which have the potential to damage people who are working to develop our country.”




  1. oh and leaders is what we had in the PPP, ok maybe you are the one of the 1% that lived really well under the PPP corrupt reign…that being said STFU

  2. Former President slams Kaieteur News for publishing ‘wild fabrications’ – in desperate effort to retain some ‘relevance’
    Ramotarbabboo must remain silent and leave the KN Mooklallbabbo alone.
    Ramo baboo you been yapping with deMook Man wife on the phone.
    De Mookster babboo has the goods on you so stay out of this.

  3. Why is the public debating which government is more dunce…PPP or PNC? What we need to do is stop living in the past! We need leaders to put the country FWD….not taking it backward because your nose is stuck in the past bitter dusk! So far, the local Guyanese has seen ZERO changes from the PNC installed dictators….before they try to make a name and gain some of the public trust….they are frustrating the people. The glaring evidence is there to see that the Granger-led administration has express significant amount of racist favouritism….So why speak of national unity when your action differs, Mr Granger? The people of Guyana wants leaders, not dictators!

  4. Unlike the thunder that CLAPS no more,Kaieteur News will live on to expose the CORRUPT PRACTICES that destroyed this country,bringing it to its knees,then face.Donald did absolutely nothing,when it was alleged,that Goolsarran from NCN had put to his own use over $3M of the company`s money,this tv station that his government used as its own.He also had instructed and allowed his Finance Minister Alli to spend $4.5B without it being passed in Parliament.This is acorrupt practice.A DUNCE`S CAP should be placed on his head.

  5. Hey flaccid. Check to see how you own organ doing.Remember you no longer getting paid with taxpayer dollars.Ask Jagdegone for a top up, before he left too.

  6. KN has hard earned creds. They kept up the pressure on the ultra corrupt PooPyParty and the gang called the Cabal, even when their workers were assassinated, and their senior staff were threatened.ExRami President still trying to muzzle them, but only a few of you left ,all the others fleeing like rats leaving a sinking ship.Sorry , you all fleeing to the place that got the sealed depositions, they going open , when they see just how much assets they can sieze.
    KEEP UP THE PRESSURE KAITEUR,and if the new lot, show signs ,of wanting to go to the wrong side, make sure we know.

  7. this is nothing but foolish talk from a president who couldn’t even last-out his term and was relegated to the back burners by his own party. glen lall / kaieture news is not the government and it is ludicrous to believe this government is making policies from what is published in a newspaper but, this is the floundering ppp party and where it stands this moment. all it can do is run on this kind of nonsensical talk to get the naive and gullible energized on low information. it is pathetic to see that this is the level of discourse coming from the likes of donald ramotar. all corrupt officials of the former ppp government will be brought to justice and if donald ramotar doesn’t think there was corruption under his tenure, he must explain the fiber optics cable disaster, fip motilall’s absconding with 15 million usd, the skeldon sugar factory, the marriott and the ghost investor who is still to show up and how surendra engineering ended up on the specialty hospital and supplying of irrigation with forged financial document from a bank based in trinidad and tobago. the people of guyana are not ding-bats and fools neither are the stolen asset recovery units of the world bank and the united nations. if there were no corruption during donal ramotar’s three years, guyana would have done better on the index, right?

  8. Glen Lall and Kaieteur News Venom is so strong for/against the PPP that it blinds Adam Harris and Glen Lall – the reported back tracker and self-confessed murderer – from seeing the tons of lies, deceits, failures, false promises, wickedness, incompetence and weakness of this PNC dictatorship. I think Glen Lall knows that the PNC has a lot on him and is likely to soon turn him over to the FBI to be charged and prosecuted by the US.

  9. The Kaieteur News(Kochoor News) is now the Official Organ of the APNU/AFC Regime..Nothing it says is True all is Propaganda.Glen and Adam are getting a very Big share of Tax Payer’s dollars to do so.So beware.


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