Former Patsan Trading Employees found not guilty of stealing $15M in Powdered Milk


court[] – Charges against six former employees of Patsan Trading Services who were accused of stealing $15 million worth of powdered milk from the Company was today found not guilty by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

Germain Tulloch, who was the Assistant Bond Supervisor, of Bel Air; porters Jose Rodney, of Bluesackie Drive, South Ruimveldt Park; Cordell Minoo, of Blygezight Gardens and Ramando Persaud, of Campbell Avenue, Campbellville, as well as driver Parmanand Persaud also known as Cecil Persaud, of Annandale West and another porter, Marlon Baichu, of Richard’s Town, Lusignan, East Coast of Demerara were all freed.

They were charged jointly with the offence which stated that between August 28 and September 21, 2012 they broke and entered a bond of Patsan Trading and stole 550 cases of Milex milk powder valued $15M, property of Allan Seebarran, Sunita Seebarran and Michael Seebarran.

The Court heard that Allan Seebarran is the owner of Patsan Tradings Services, which imports and distributes milex milk powder.

In arriving at the not guilty plea, the Court heard that no evidence was provided to prove that the men stole the milk.


  1. See the article: Freddie Kissoon reported Magistrate Judy Latchman to the Judicial Service Commission for “deplorable assault on judicial fairness” – not the first time this magistrate was found abusing her authority.

  2. Seems this magistrate has no clue that CCTV cameras are use globally in courts to identify criminals. Is she seriously saying that camera footage can’t be used as evidence? What’s the point governments, businesses and communities have surveillance systems then, for mere amusement? What a tool!

  3. This is yet another reason why established businesses are under threat. They are the victims of the criminals, and are again victimized for a second time by the so-called judicial system. When people in high places prioritize personal interests above truth and moral justice, this is what happens. Criminals are given a free pass, and re-commit offenses, are we don’t seem to connect that the crime situation is as bad as it is, because the courts fail to do their job. This case, as well as others like it, only serve as an impetus for those with ill intent.

  4. Business people have no protection, the Justice system doesn’t work. The level of corruption runs deep, and unless someone is being paid, nothing is done to secure justice for the innocent. Instead, this tells us, the business community, that when employees steal, the system will do nothing. A pathetic excuse, calling itself a Judicial system when it’s bathed in corruption.


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