Former Magistrate charged with 2 other offences


In addition to facing a driving under influence charge, just last month, Former Traffic Court Magistrate and Attorney-at-law Chandra Sohan was on Friday charged for two other offences when he appeared at the Albion’s Magistrates’ Court.

Attorney-at-law Chandra Sohan

The charges outlined, among other things, that on August 4, 2017, on the Williamsburg Corentyne Public Road, the accused drove motor car PJJ 6060 when he got into an accident and failed to produce his personal information to police as well as failed to transport the injured party to a medical facility.

Sohan pleaded not guilty to both charges when they were read to him by Magistrate Renita Singh.

Sohan was released on his own recognisance and is expected to return to court on September 26, 2017.

In his previous charge, police had alleged that on the day mentioned, Sohan was proceeding west along the southern driveway of the Williamsburg Public Road when he collided into a male pedestrian.

He was later found to be under the influence of alcohol.


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