Former GDF soldier charged with rape gets bail


An ex-rank of the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) was on Friday brought before city Magistrate Judy Latchman, charged with the rape of a teenage girl at the GDF Timehri base camp.

Winston Haynes
Winston Haynes

This incident reportedly occurred in late January of this year, at Camp Stephenson, Timehri, East Bank Demerara.

The matter was held in camera due to the nature of the offence. Winston Haynes, also known as “Unruly Boss” was represented by Attorney Dexter Todd and released on $600,000 bail.

Haynes was recently dismissed from the GDF along with two other ranks following the rape allegation.

It is unclear whether the other two will face any charges in connection with the incident.

A Board of Inquiry which was launched by the Defence Force to ascertain the validity of the allegations, announced on Friday that based on the findings and recommendations of the inquiry, the trio were found to be not only in contravention of the Security Standing Orders, but also a number of other Standing Operating Procedures of the Force; and as such, will be dismissed.

It was reported that the victim was taken to the base camp in one of the organisation’s vehicles where she was sexually assaulted by the men. Police attached to the investigation later confirmed that a medical examination conducted corroborated the allegations; revealing that the teen was indeed sexually violated.

The accused is set to return to the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts on March 27.


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