Former Deputy Speaker to be buried on Friday


By Leroy Smith

Former Deputy Speaker and APNU Parliamentarian, the late Deborah Backer.
Former Deputy Speaker and APNU Parliamentarian, the late Deborah Backer.

[] – The People’s National Congress Reform, the political party in which the late Deborah Backer served for almost thirty years has announced that her funeral service and burial will take place this coming Friday, March 28.

At a press conference on Monday, March 24 at the party’s headquarters in Sophia, it was announced that there are several activities leading up the funeral and burial of the former Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly.

Among the activities planned are the opening of books of condolences in the ten administrative regions, a night of reflection in Region 3, a PNCR sponsored wake at the residence of the former executive member and other activities.

The PNCR stated too that documentaries of Deborah Backer will be among the activities to mark her life and contribution both to the political and justice arenas.

On Friday, the body of the late former executive member of the PNCR/ APNU and Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Deborah Backer will lay briefly in the forecourt of the National Assembly before it’s taken over to the St. Andrews Kirk (Opposite Parliament Building) for funeral service thence for burial.PNC

Last Friday, A Partnership for National Unity announced that Deborah Backer died. She was battling with cancer for a short period and had to be flown overseas for treatment. However, her conditions worsen and she passed away.

It was only recently that the political heavy weight resigned from the National Assembly and was recently honoured on the International Women’s Day for her contribution in the National Assembly.



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