Former Chancellor’s son admitted to the Bar


The son of former Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh was on Wednesday admitted to the Bar after taking his oath to serve the country in the capacity of an Attorney-at-Law.

Sworn in with high praises was Nirvan Singh, following an application presented by former Speaker of the National Assembly Ralph Ramkarran, which was accepted by presiding Justice Brassington Reynolds.

Newly admitted Attorney-at-Law Nirvan Singh is congratulated by Justice Brassington Reynolds, as his father, former Chancellor of the Judiciary, Carl Singh, mother and brother share in the celebratory occasion

Singh began his tertiary education at York University in Canada, after which he returned home in pursuit of his Bachelors of Law in 2014.

Upon completion of his LLB at the University of Guyana, the young Singh then moved on to the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad, where he received his Legal Education Certificate.

In putting forth his petition, the former Speaker of the National Assembly pointed out that Singh has thus far been attached to several entities, which speaks to his experience as a well-rounded young professional.

For a number of years, he was attached to the Cameron and Shepherd Law Firm, operated by the former Speaker.

As such, Ramkarran highlighted that he has no doubt that the newly admitted attorney will produce work of high quality and standard.

Justice Renolds shared the same views, indicating that Singh has had a front row seat to the great works of his father. On that note, the presiding Justice welcomed Singh to the legal fraternity and urged him to not only follow in his father’s footsteps but to leave his own footprints in field as well.

Moreover, he noted that Singh’s petition comes at an opportune time, where there is much advancements in Guyana’s fairly short legal history, some of which can be attributed to the strides of former Chancellor.

Meanwhile Singh, who just so happened to be sworn in in the very same courtroom as did his father, in his admission remarks relayed, “I appear before the court today with a deep sense of fulfillment having worked so hard.”

The most recently inducted Attorney at Law continued on by saying that the country can look forward to him showcasing integrity and representing his clients with honesty.

While speaking with this publication, the young lawyer revisited his journey to fulfilling this longstanding dream and expressed his anticipation for the road ahead.

Underlining that becoming a lawyer requires much hard work, dedication and belief in self, the young Attorney went on to offer words of advice to those in pursuit of a similar path.

Singh stated, “Just work hard, maintain a sense of confidence and ambition and believe in yourself. Having an unwavering support system is definitely important. I didn’t do this by myself, I had tremendous help and I’m truly grateful.”

Nirvan Singh will now commence his career as an Attorney-at-Law and looks forward to the opportunity to contribute to the jurisprudence of Guyana.


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