Former ‘Breakfast show’ host Oswald Singh passes away

Oswald Singh
Oswald Singh
Oswald Singh

[] – FormerBreakfast show’ host and popular Broadcaster Oswald Singh has died.

The long-serving Broadcaster, known for being informative and interactive with a voice that transcended across all boundaries was believed to be in his 50’s.

Singh died Monday evening (December 23) at the woodlands Hospital reportedly of a heart attack. He had been ill for a while.

At the time of his death he was employed at Radio Guyana Inc. (RGI). His death has shocked several persons within the media corps and has since seen tributes pouring in from all corners.

Singh began his Broadcasting career at what used to be known as the Guyana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC).
He later worked with the National Communications Network before moving to RGI in early 2013.



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