Former Beauty Queen accused of killing husband turns self over to police

Carol-Ann Lynch
Carol-Ann Lynch

[] – Former Beauty Queen Carol Ann Lynch turned herself over to the police on Tuesday morning (January 21) in the company of her two Attorneys-at-Law.

iNews was reliably informed that Lynch will be charged and will appear in Court on Wednesday, January 22.

Police in September 2013 issued a second wanted bulletin for the former beauty queen in relation to the murder of her husband, former Swiss House Cambio boss, Farouk Razac.

Lynch was charged in May 2007 with the murder of Razac, who was found dead on the floor of their Eping Avenue, Bel Air home.

Evidence provided to the investigators stated that upon his discovery, he was bleeding through his nose and mouth and his hands were at his neck. The autopsy confirmed that the businessman was strangled.

In 2008, the former beauty queen was discharged after Magistrate Gordon Gilhuys found that a prima facia case was not established. She was later arrested after the first wanted bulletin was issued.

At the time of the businessman’s murder, his life was insured for US$1 million, leaving relatives to believe the former beauty queen killed him for the money. She has since denied all allegations, claiming that she found him lying on the ground and contacted law enforcement officers.

Deceased: Farouk Razac
Deceased: Farouk Razac


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