Forget Snap Elections – Luncheon registers Gov’t disinterest in preempting No Confidence Motion

The Donald Ramotar administration.


By Kurt Campbell

Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Cabinet Secretary. Dr. Roger Luncheon.

[] – Cabinet Secretary Dr. Roger Luncheon has put to rest, speculation that the administration is likely to call snap elections ahead of the Opposition sponsored No – Confidence Motion which is expected to be debated when Parliament resumes on October 10.

Luncheon told reporters this morning that the administration is not interested in what he termed a “futile course of action” as a “bypass” to the possibility of a successful No – Confidence Motion.

“Forget snap elections… it wouldn’t happen,” he said.

There was talk that the administration will call snap elections to avoid being brought down by a vote of no confidence but according to Dr. Luncheon, the administration is prepared to wait and see the outcome of the combined parliamentary Opposition’s plans.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Secretary restated President Donald Ramotar’s request for clarity from Opposition Leader David Granger on the Opposition’s position in relation to local and general elections.

Pointing out that both cannot be executed at the same time, Luncheon reminded of the pending confidence motion in the face of pressure from the Opposition Leader for the Head of State to announce a date for the holding of local government elections even as he renewed his commitment to supporting the motion.

Granger had written to the President last week urging him to announce a date for the long overdue LGE by September 15. He threatened that if this was not done he would mobilize local, national and international support “in defence of democracy.”

“Cabinet now awaits Granger’s response to the President’s request for clarity… it appears APNU intends to have their cake and eat it,” he added.

Luncheon declined to detail the administration’s preference in relation to local and general elections but maintained that Cabinet feels strongly that both cannot be held at the same time.

Luncheon, in an opinionated assessment, says the Guyana Elections Commission does not seem to be preparing for LGE but rather general elections.




  1. all this trash talk about on earth can pnc win an election in guyana with it dwindling support base? pnc hanging by a weak thread from day one burnham hatched it.US must step up to the plate.UK must step up to the plate and install pnc back to rule again.pppc cant kill criminals but PNC can.if pppc tackle and kill criminals, UK and US will revoke PPPC ministers and their families visas plus sanctioned PPPC.U folks ent get it as yet?

  2. anyone that dont agree with them is a enemy. the reason for the change in 1992 was for a better guyana and good governance but we fall back in the the saamme crap, but they can still talk what pnc did, when they doing worst than pnc. when they come out of office the the country will know the debt its in

  3. jon let me hear what plan this government have for this country….. let me see, installing street lights then dismantle them to do road expansion? giving contracts to unqualified/inexperience company or ghost should i say? making next to nothing deals with foreign investor under the table, with Guyana receiving receiving the lesser share? making our country a drug heaven? issuing fire arm license to any and everyone? turning our country into a garbage site.degrading roads and the list goes on…. they had enough time to fix thing and they didnt. the money laundering bill and the local government election bill cannot pass because the ppp have them in the gridlock and prefer Guyana remain this way for them and their friends to rape the country.

  4. It make no sense to call for the LGE before the General Election next year in January. What the president Donald Ramotar have now to do is to fix a date of the LGE within half year after the General Election.

  5. The parliament is made into an animal farm.
    They drummed so much noise as to drown the voice of Minister Rohee.
    They are always playing cricket in the jungle.
    Where jackass is bowling with targetless bouncers.

  6. The Opposition is a visionless bunch. They ‘do wha come sa do’.
    They simple do not have a plan.
    They have to bare it in front of the speaker and all Guyanese.
    This is the first move.


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