Foreign Affairs Minister meets with owners of detained fishing vessels


Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hugh Todd, today met with Mr. Prem Kumar Lallbachan and Mr. Trevor Daniels, owners of the recently detained Guyanese registered fishing vessels, the Lady Nayera and the Sea Wolf respectively.

During the meeting, he conveyed the Government’s commitment towards the release of the crews and vessels.

The Foreign Minister also provided the owners with an update on the Government’s efforts including the issuance of a statement condemning the recent actions of Venezuela and the transmission of a note verbale in protest of the Venezuelan navy’s actions.

“We are doing all within our power to reunite the crew members with their families and help you to continue with your business,” the Minister stated.

The Foreign Minister pledged to remain in contact with the owners and share updates as they occur.

The fishing vessels and crew were detained by Venezuelan naval vessel Commandante Hugo Chavez GC 24 on Thursday last. The vessels were at the time operating off the coast of Waini Point, well within Guyana’s territory.

The crew members and vessels are currently illegally detained at Port Guiria, Venezuela.

This morning, Todd called in the Chargé d’ Affaires of the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Moses Chavez to transfer a protest note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guyana to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Venezuela.

The protest note firmly condemns the illegal detention of the captains and crews of the Guyanese registered fishing vessels, the Lady Nayera and the Sea Wolf, and calls for their immediate release.