Force says serious crimes for January down by 19%

The Guyana Police Force says it has recorded a 19 per cent decrease in serious crimes at the end of January, 2018 relative to the same period last year.
According to the police in a statement, there were seven murders in January of 2018, the same amount which the police said occurred in January of 2017.
Moreover, the police recorded 45 robbery under arms, with the same amount being registered in 2017 for the month of January.
For the nine other serious offences, such as robbery with aggravation, burglary etc, the police said that they recorded a decrease of 50 per cent in most cases with the exception of robbery with violence increasing to 45 percent and rape decreasing by 24 per cent when they compared it with January of 2017.
Additionally the Force detailed that 19 firearms were seized for January of 2018.
As it pertains to accidents, the police said that they recorded a 20 percent increase in fatal accidents and a 14 per cent decrease in deaths at the end of January, 2018, relative to the corresponding period last year.
Speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol and pedestrians crossing in the path of approaching vehicles were highlighted as the main causes of the fatal accidents.
Meanwhile, the police detailed that 4921 cases were made for 15 specific traffic violations  in January of 2018, with speeding taking the bulk of the cases at 1,612 and persons failing to wear a seatbelt coming second with 626.
According to the police the grand total of cases made when other offences were added to traffic violations is 8201.


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