Food & Drug lists 26 companies licenced to provide treated water


waterThe Government Analyst-Food & Drug Department has listed for health and safety purposes, 26 companies that are currently licenced to provide treated water to consumers, in addition to the best practices that the water processing companies must follow.

See full statement below:

The Government Analyst-Food & Drug Department is calling on all water processing factories to confirm to all the departments requirements as it relates to the sale and distribution of treated water in 5 (five) gallon bottles.

Manufacturers and distributors must have a valid licensed, which is an indicator of compliance to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) also bottles used must be properly cleaned, sanitized, labeled and sealed  prior to sale and / or distribution.

Consumers are asked when purchasing treated water from various sources to ensure they are properly labeled and sealed and to report any company that fails to comply with the departments minimal requirements as it relates to the sale of treated water to the general public.

Consumers making purchases should demand to see a valid licence issued by the Food & Drugs Department.

All premises that are involved in the processing, distribution, and sale of drinking water particularly in 5 (five) gallon bottles must be in possession of a valid Licence

Water processing factories that were licensed during the current year includes:

  1. Cold Zone
  2. Family Choice Purified Water
  3. Banks DIH Limited
  4. Ever Pure
  5. Demerara Distillers Limited
  6. Water World 1 & 2
  7. First Choice Purified Water
  8. The Water Store
  9. Nimbus Purified Water
  10. Inava Incorporated
  11. Aqua-Tic Purified Water
  12. Iceberg Purified Water
  13. Mora Spring
  14. Clear Waters
  15. Dynamic Purified Water
  16. Aqua Waters
  17. Pure Aqua
  18. Blue Spray
  19. Living Waters
  20. August Beverages Inc. House
  21. White Rain Purified Water
  22. Ultra Water
  23. Krystal Clear Water
  24. Clear Spring Water
  25. Crystalite Purified Water
  26. Jus Water Inc


  1. It would be appreciated if the addresses of these entities be placed along side, since many of these businesses have almost identical names.


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