Following $24M fine, Dynamic suffers another delay


Coming off of the heels of being slapped with a G$24 million fine for delays, among other issues, Dynamic Airways was again delayed on Monday.

A number of passengers who had hoped to be home in time to celebrate Easter Monday in Guyana were left disappointed after the airline cancelled a flight destined to Guyana from the John. F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK).

Reports are that the passengers were already on board the aircraft, but after some time were told that they had to disembark and reclaim their luggage.

This publication understands that the co-pilot did not show up for work, and as such the flight had to be rescheduled.

Local representative of the airline, Gerry Gouveia, told Guyana Times that the Dynamic flight, along with a number of other airlines, were delayed. He said a co-pilot did indeed report sick, but the flight was still able to depart JFK at 14:00hrs on Monday afternoon.

Dynamic Airways was only a few days ago fined US$120,000 by the US Department of Transportation (DoT) for delaying its flights and for procrastinating with the issuance of passengers’ refunds.

In the order that was served on the airline on Thursday last, DoT said violations by Dynamic Airways in relation to “regulations on public charter operations with respect to providing prompt refunds to passengers after flight cancellations”, and (failing to) promptly notify passengers of the cancellations were responsible for the airline being fined.

The violations also constitute violations of the regulations which prohibit unfair and deceptive practices, and unfair methods of competition in air transportation.

Back in December of last year, the airline was also slapped with a lawsuit after hundreds of passengers were left stranded in Guyana as well as in New York because Dynamic had cancelled its flights. The airline has since pledged to provide better service.


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