Foiled Bank robbery: Probe widens as female employee, 2 Police officers implicated

As the probe into the foiled robbery on Republic Bank, last Tuesday, continues, Police have arrested another employee attached to the bank, sources say.
Police have not disclosed the person’s name but Inews was told that the evidence against the person was found in one of the three gunman’s phone-supposedly Jamal Haynes, who was identified as one of the bandits and an employee of the bank.
The text read “hold! She is not here.”
Moreover, two members of the Guyana Police Force are also in police custody after video footage at the scene of the crime showed them communicating with the three bandits – Jamal Haynes, Keron Saunders, and the now dead Agronomist Graduate, Elton Wray.

The two officers, according to sources, have confessed that they helped plan the robbery, and also implicated the female staff of the bank in their confession.

Based on information received thus far, Inews understands that the plan to rob Republic Bank dated back to three months ago.
Due to it being a three day weekend, Haynes, the employee, knew that businesses would have deposited substantial amounts of cash into the chutes during night deposits.
Also, because of the inside information, Haynes and the other employee in custody, knew that a female would be there to empty the canisters of cash at 07:10hrs on Tuesday.
The plan was to hold the young woman hostage, grab as many bags of cash as they could and make good their escape.
However, things went awry when the trio broke into the bank on the morning in question, without knowing that they had recieved a text message from the informant who was already at work.
After they gained entry and realized that the female was not there, panic struck and they ran to the cash canister and began pounding on it, in order to get it open.
However, by then, staff in the vault had already seen what was happening through the security cameras and notified the security to contact the police.
Before the police arrived, the bandits began to exchange fire with the security guards, and Wray reportedly attempted to flee by holding another bank employee hostage.

(L) Dead: Elton Wray, Injured: Jamal Haynes, Injured: Keron Saunders
As he ran, with the employee into the arcade located west to the bank, he was tailed, and subsequently shot to the chest.
Haynes, who ran south of the bank, into the arcade, Stripped off his “bandit clothes” which involved a Rasta tope and gloves, and attempted to redress with his Republic Bank uniform. However, police were already close on his trail, so the half dressed man ran into a cook shop and put on an apron and pretended to be a cook.
However, employees there raised an alarm and as he attempted to flee, he started firing at police which resulted in him being shot to his thighs and genital area.
Saunders- who was identified as the cousin of one of the bandits- was arrested when he walked out of the bank. He recieved one gunshot wound to his left arm.
The three were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital and Wray died while receiving treatment. Haynes and Saunders were treated and handed over to police attached to the Criminal Investigations Department.
Since then, police have indicated that while Saunders is cooperating, Haynes is not.
An extension to keep the two in custody was applied for on Thursday and granted.
The dead bandit, Elton Wray had studied in China where he was a part time English teacher as well. He had recently returned to Guyana and was on a five year working contract with NAREI.
The vehicle, reportedly hijacked, was intended to be used by the bandits 
Meanwhile, the owner of the car (which was reported hijacked) intended to be used by the bandits after the foiled Republic Bank robbery has since been arrested. It turned out that he is also a convict who was sentenced in absentia in 2016 for firearm and ammunition possession.

It is being speculated that another person was involved in the foiled robbery and escaped. Investigators are trying to ascertain if the taxi driver who claimed his car was hijacked is the fourth.

A vehicle bearing registration number PWW 1452, belonging to Wray, was found parked at the Plaza Bridge in South Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

Investigations are continuing.


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