Fmr Wales sugar workers picket MOTP, Agriculture Ministry over severance plight


Former Wales sugar workers, this morning, gathered once again in front of the Ministry of the Presidency (MOTP), calling on President David Granger to look into their severance package plight.

The protesters in front of the MOTP earlier this morning

After protesting in front of the MOTP, the protesters then gathered outside of the Ministry of Agriculture on Brickdam calling for Minster Noel Holder to resign as they continue their calls for severance to be paid.

Official operations at the Wales Estate were closed in December 2016, and some displaced workers are still to receive their severance pay.

Earlier this month, the former Wales workers staged similar protest action in front of the MOTP and expressed much frustration that their colleagues from other estates were paid all or part of their severance, just weeks after their entities were closed.

However, the state owned Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo) has maintained that these workers were not entitled to this benefit, with acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the State entity, Paul Bhim saying earlier this month that GuySuCo has honoured all its obligations regarding the payment of severance at the Wales Estate.

The protestors gathered in front of the Agriculture Ministry on Brickdam

The workers who have been refused severance had refused to take up work at Uitvlugt on the contention that 22 miles were beyond the stipulation that the Termination of Employment and Severance Pay Act (TESPA) allows.

They outlined that they could not be compelled to travel beyond 10 miles from their original place of work.

The representative body for the sacked workers, the Guyana Agricultural and General Workers Union (GAWU) had taken the matter to court since March of 2017.

Since losing their jobs in late 2016, the former Wales Estate workers, their relatives and other residents in the surrounding communities have complained of deleting finances and sustenance challenges.

See more Carl Croker photos of the protest in front of the MOTP:


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