Fmr national footballer robbed at gunpoint during home invasion


Former national footballer and youth coach, Vurlon Mills was on Friday robbed at gunpoint during an invasion at his Lamaha Springs, Georgetown apartment.

When contacted, Mills explained that he was awakened at about 04:00h by movements in his bedroom. This prompted him to make checks during which he was confronted by two men who immediately held him at gunpoint and tied him up. They also blindfolded him.

“I tried to move at the time but they came and they held me down, tied up my hand and my feet, and they put gun to my head. The one with the gun told the other one to tie me up so they did that,” he said.

Mills said shortly after, the two unidentified men began ransacking his home.

“I couldn’t see anything, I was just hearing and hoping that they didn’t do anything stupid like shooting me. They took everything from my home. My TV, laptop, phone … stuff that I usually bring to sell, box sets, bathroom mats… I recently bought some Academy gears, all of them are branded with my Academy logo, they took all of that as well.”

Mills further stated that the men also escaped with $100,000 in cash. He explained that the bandits packed the stolen items in his Nissan Juke vehicle which they used to make good their escape.

“They leave the car abandoned in Sophia on the Eastern Road. The Police recovered it and they called me and I got it back. They took over a million dollars in stuff,” he said.

The national footballer said he is not suspicious of anyone since many houses in the area were robbed in the past. He believes he is one of the unfortunate ones.

“I don’t have any problem with anybody and nobody don’t have any problem with me. A lot of houses get jump in this neighbourhood… this is something that is unexpected and I was surprised that it even happened,” he explained.

In 2020, Mills retired from the international game, and has taken up the role as an active youth coach with the Guyana Football Federation. He also has an academy called the Vurlon Mills Football Academy.