Flying against the wind: Dynamic Airways to iron out “glitches”


dynamic-airways-1-728[] – Dynamic Airways’ Boeing 767 aircraft departed the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) on schedule yesterday afternoon. The flight which was previously scheduled to depart on Sunday night for the John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) New York was rescheduled following an incident on the taxiway at CJIA where the plane got stuck in mud.

Yesterday, the plane left its ramp position on time. However, while taxing, the right wheel of the plane slipped off the taxiway into the grass as the aircraft was turning unto another taxiway on its way to the runway. The incident occurred at approximately 22:15h.

Dynamic Airways says it regrets this incident. While recent delays have affected passenger schedules, Dynamic Airways also said it is grateful for the faith being demonstrated by passengers who continue to book flights on the New York-Georgetown route.

The on time departure of the flight yesterday means that the plane would be in place for its flight from JFK to CJIA today (Tuesday December 2, 2014).

The airline believes the on time performance yesterday and today is indicative of efforts being made by its team to tighten operations and ensure passenger safety, security, and comfort especially during this hectic peak season.

As Christmas draws nearer, Dynamic Airways has promised to make more planes available from its fleet to service the Georgetown/ New York route. 



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