Fly Jamaica comes to the aid of sick teenager



                                          By Kurt Campbell

Raphael William will now be able to travel to the US for his treatment.  [iNews' Photo]
Raphael William will now be able to travel to the US for his treatment. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Fly Jamaica, just two weeks after entering the local market will be taking a father and his ill son to the United States of American to seek medical attention, free of cost.

The company also as part of its corporate social responsibility gave away tickets to four Guyanese to travel to the United States of America for 30 days during the recently concluded Guyexpo2013.

The presentations were made on Saturday October 12 at the Airlines’ Head Office at Ogle, East Coast Demerara.

Sean William, the father of ill Raphael William recalled what led to his son’s condition. He told reporters that back in 2008, his son who was at the time attending the St. Margaret Primary School suffered injuries to his head resulting from a piece of furniture that fell on him. The younger Williams received about eight stitches to the wound.

His father said ever since his son has been experiencing seizures but despite several local medical interventions, his son’s state remains the same. In this regard, the family’s next option was to take their son abroad to seek further medical attention; however the cost attached to such a move had surpassed the family’s economic boundaries.

The older Williams said after hearing about Fly Jamaica, they penned a letter to the Airline explaining their predicament. He described the Airline’s response as unhesitant. He thanked them for coming to the family’s assistance in their time of need.

Meanwhile, Raphael Williams who is now a student at the Christ Church Secondary School also expressed appreciation to Fly Jamaica for this gesture. The cost for the teen’s medical expense abroad is unknown at this time. He told iNews that his life’s ambition is to become a Businessman.



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